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The climate of Naples: when to go to Naples

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The city of Naples enjoys a mild climate, typically Mediterranean, influenced by the presence of the sea. Naples is a rather rainy city, in autumn and winter months, the city’s climate is mild and rainy in winter, while it is hot and dry – but refreshed by the sea breeze – in summer.

Temperatures are mild in winter and quite hot in summer. Naples has an average annual temperature of 15.5 ° C. The average minimum winter temperatures of Naples is 4 ° C, while the average minimum summer temperature is 18 ° C. The average maximum temperature in winter is 12-13 ° C, while the average maximum summer temperature reaches 29 ° C.

The wettest months of the year are those of autumn and winter, that is, those that go from October to February, while the driest months are those between May and August. The average annual rainfall in Naples is around 1,000 mm. The rainiest month is November with a monthly average of 162 mm of rain. The driest month is July with a monthly average of only 24 mm of rain.

Naples has an annual average of nearly 90 days of rain, while the daylight hours are 2,375 per year. During the wettest months rainy days vary between almost 11 days per month for the months of November and December and 8 days per month for the months of October and April. In the summer, rainy days vary between 2 days in July and four days in June.

The sea water temperature varies between 14 ° C in the winter months and 27 ° C in August. During the months between June and October, the sea water temperature is maintained above 22 ° C.


The months from March to September are the best times to visit Naples and the islands of the gulf.

The Italian Air Force Meteorological Service.


NAPLES (17 meters)
Month Average low (°C) Average high (°C) Precip. (mm) Precip. days
January 4,4 13,0 104,4  9,9
February 4,5 13,5 97,9  9,8
March 6,3 15,7 85,7  9,5
April 8,4 18,1 75,5  8,8
May 12,6 23,0 49,6  5,7
June 16,2 26,7 34,1  4,0
July 18,8 29,9 24,3  2,3
August 19,1 30,3 41,6  3,8
September 16,0 26,6 80,3  5,8
October 12,1 22,1 129,7  8,1
November 7,8 17,1 162,1  10,8
December 5,6 14,1 121,4  10,7
YEAR 11,0 20,8 1006,6  89,2

Month Sea Water Temperature °C
January 14
February 14
March 14
April 15
May 18
June 22
July 25
August 27
September 24
October 22
November 18
December 16



This post is also available in: العربية 简体中文 繁體中文 Čeština Deutsch polski Русский

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