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Andrea in the ship's library. Author and Copyright Marco Ramerini
Andrea in the ship's library. Author and Copyright Marco Ramerini

Cruising with children: life on board the ship

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A cruise is often a great way to travel with children. In fact, a cruise with children allows parents to relax and children to have fun, make new friends and get to know the world. All often at really ridiculous prices for children. So cruising with children is often good for both the mind and the wallet.


The arrival on board a ship will be an event for every child. Before setting foot on the ship, passengers must embark their suitcases and register with the company managers complete with photos. After giving them the passports that will be returned at the end of the cruise, a plastic card is issued to each one which will be used to manage the payments made inside the ship (payment of excursions, drinks not included, purchases in shops).

This electronic key will also be used to open the cabin door where you will sleep, or to check your disembarkation and embarkation every time you get on and off the boat. The name of the passenger appears on the card and the name of the ship on which it is embarked, in case of loss, a new card can be reissued at any time. To the children, in addition to the card, a colored plastic bracelet will be tied with the name of the ship written on it and a number indicating the bridge to be reached in case of emergency.


Once you have embarked, after taking a look at your cabin and the ship, a few minutes after the ship has sailed you will be called together with your children to do the emergency exercitation. Explain to them that there are rules to follow in case we are forced to abandon the ship quickly, and to ensure that everything happens calmly we must follow specific rules.

A moment of pure fun. Put it like a game: the captain with a loudspeaker will let us know what kind of sound will be emitted in case of danger and will explain what to do. The objective of the game is to wear the life jacket inside the cabin and find the first nearest emergency exit, without running and observing and following the path with you parents.


The ships have various types of cabins, the external ones with the window, the balcony and the simple internal ones without any opening. If you are traveling in four (two adults and two children) and want to save significantly on the price of the cruise, you can choose the internal cabin. Do not have a negative idea of this type of room, even if it does not filter the sunlight, just go out on the decks of the ship, the important thing is that it is comfortable for night’s rest.

This type of cabin is not very large, but nothing is missing inside, it is equipped with wardrobes and drawers, comfortable beds (bunk beds are fitted for the children), a bathroom with shower, detergents and towels which if necessary are changed 2 times a day, bathrobe, electric hairdryer and electrical outlets. Without forgetting that each cabin contains the life jackets necessary for both adults and children.


A useful tip to get your cabin in order? As soon as possible, store the children’s clothing neatly in the available drawers and shelves. After that in the space that will remain you can use it to arrange your wardrobe. Try to store your suitcases so they don’t get in the way. Usually the ideal place to put them is right under the beds.

During the cruise, there are companies that pay extra attention to children. This only makes their stay on the ship more pleasant: we happened to find ourselves in the cabin every night, before going to sleep, not just the usual chocolates. But the presence of a different animal, created using only terry towels, real works of art … and children? They were amazed and not only them! We also had a race to guess which animal we would find in the room in the evening.

Evening presentation with cobra. Author and Copyright Marco Ramerini
Evening presentation with cobra. Author and Copyright Marco Ramerini


The cruise experience for a 6 to 8 year old child like ours will be unforgettable. This not only for the places they will have the opportunity to see but also for the opportunity to have fun thanks to special spaces and common spaces designed for them (I invite you to inquire before leaving).

There are swimming pools, whirlpools. There are special places where you can use board games (especially loved by my children). You will find sports equipment such as the basketball court, the football pitch, the tennis court, the ping pong table. I assure you that it is impossible not to have fun.

At this age you can more easily involve them in participating in musical and dance shows, which reflect the traditions of the place you are visiting. To help them understand what they are visiting, you can watch beautiful documentaries together, which are usually presented on board before the excursions.


Inside the ships, there are usually clubs for children of various age groups. These clubs are open both in the morning and in the evening (even during excursions). They are spaces dedicated exclusively to them, where the animators will have the task of making their stay pleasant. During the days on board, group games will often be organized (it is also possible to find playstations for older children). The animators will be good at involving them in manual work by teaching them, for example, to prepare excellent biscuits. But the most beautiful experience that your children will be able to do will be above all to get to know children of the same age from different countries and who speak different languages. However, everyone will be united by the desire to have fun together: a wonderful learning experience for a child !!

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This post is also available in: Deutsch

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