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Port Elizabeth: the water sports capital of South Africa

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Port Elizabeth is a port city in South Africa located in Algoa Bay along the coast of the Indian Ocean in the Eastern Cape province. The city has over 300 thousand inhabitants. While the metropolitan area exceeds one million inhabitants.

The area where Port Elizabeth stands was spotted in 1488 by the Portuguese explorer Bartolomeu Dias and later by Vasco da Gama. The first European settlement was founded in 1820 by a group of British colonists in the vicinity of a fort built 20 years earlier by the British to defend the bay and the mouth of the Baakens River.

Port Elizabeth is one of the major South African ports and an important industrial and cultural center, being the heart of the South African automotive industry. Another highly developed economic sector in the city is the tourism sector. The city enjoys a mild climate at any time of the year. This has made it a popular tourist destination for its climate and its beaches.


Port Elizabeth is located at the end of the Garden Route, a famous and picturesque tourist route that runs along the Cape coast. The city is one of South Africa’s most important tourist destinations. The city is in fact famous for its mild climate throughout the year and for the beautiful and numerous beaches. The most popular beaches in the city are King’s Beach and Hobie Beach.

Port Elizabeth is known as the water sports capital of South Africa. Algoa Bay is also an ideal destination for dolphin and whale watching. The best times to spot whales are between June and August.

Other attractions in the city are historical ones. Among these the Fort Frederick which dates back to 1799. The bell tower built in 1923 from which you have a beautiful view over the whole city. Finally, the town hall dated 1862. The historical part of the city is linked by the Donkin Heritage Trail which connects the main historical attractions of Port Elizabeth.

The climate of Port Elizabeth.

This post is also available in: Deutsch

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