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Bloemfontein: the judicial capital of South Africa

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The city of Bloemfontein is located on a plateau about 1,400 meters high. This city is the capital of the Free State province and also the judicial capital of South Africa. The city was founded in 1846. Between 1854 and 1902 it was the capital of the Orange Free State (Oranje-Vrystaat). The Orange Free State was an independent Boer republic that stretched between the Orange and Vaal rivers.


Bloemfontein is the most important city in the South African province of the Free State with over 250,000 inhabitants that become over 650,000 inhabitants if we consider its metropolitan area, making it the sixth largest city in South Africa. The black population (56.1%) forms the majority of the inhabitants of the city, numerous is the white minority which is 29.8% of the population, the Coloured ones are 12.8% of the inhabitants of the city. The majority of the population speaks the Afrikaans language (42.5%), another language spoken by a large portion of the inhabitants is Sotho (33.4%).

The city is located in central South Africa, bordering the semi-arid region of the Karoo, on a plateau where the Modder and Kaffer rivers flow. The landscape surrounding the city is made up of low hills and grassy plains (Highveld).

Bloemfontein is one of the few cities with a park in its center. The name of the city refers to a fountain with flowers and derives from the Afrikaans language. Bloemfontein is still known for its flowers and bears the nickname “City of Roses”.

The city is important from a commercial and financial point of view and is a vital road and rail hub. Today Bloemfontein is a modern city with modern buildings, shopping centers and restaurants. The city is connected to the main airports in the rest of the country with flights departing from Bram Fischer International Airport.

The climate of Bloemfontein.

This post is also available in: Deutsch

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