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The climate of Bloemfontein: when to go to Bloemfontein

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The city of Bloemfontein is located on a plateau about 1,400 meters high on the edge of the semi-arid region of the Karoo. Bloemfontein therefore has a semi-arid climate characterized by hot summer days with rains that occur through frequent afternoon thunderstorms and by fresh and dry winter days.

The climate in Bloemfontein has cold and dry winters from May to August. The maximum average temperatures in the cooler months of June and July are around 17 ° C during the day, while the minimum average temperatures reach values of -2 ° C during the night. The summer, which runs from October to February, in January presents average maximum temperatures of around 31 ° C during the day and gusts of rain in the afternoon. The average minimum summer temperatures reach 15 ° C in January and February.

The rains are concentrated in the summer months, between November and April, the average annual rainfall is just over 550 mm. The rainiest month is February, during which 111 mm of precipitation falls on average. The driest month is July, during which only 8 mm of rain fall. From May to September the rains are very scarce. The city has an average of 84 rainy days per year, most of which are concentrated between October and April. The sunny hours are 3,315 per year. Snow is a rare occurrence, generally it snows once every two or three years.


The best time for a trip to Bloemfontein are the winter months between May and September, when the rains are almost absent and the days often sunny.


Month Average low (°C) Average high (°C) Precip. (mm) Precip. days
January 15 31 83  11
February 15 29 111  11
March 12 27 72  11
April 8 23 56  9
May 3 20 17  4
June -2 17 12  3
July -2 17 8  2
August 1 20 15  3
September 5 24 24  4
October 9 26 43  7
November 12 28 58  9
December 14 30 60  10
YEAR 8 24 559  84

This post is also available in: Deutsch

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