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The climate of Dublin: when to go to Dublin

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Dublin has a temperate maritime climate, with very variable and abrupt climate changes, but characterized by mild winters, and bright and fresh summers, with lack of temperature extremes, with variations in seasonal temperatures less pronounced for a city of this northern latitude.

The influence of the warm Gulf Stream which invests the whole of Ireland is also felt in Dublin, because of what the average maximum temperatures in January are around 8 ° C, while the average maximum temperature in July is around 20 ° C. As regards the average minimum temperatures they vary between 3 ° C in January and 12 ° C in July. The city has an average of only 1,453 hours of sunshine a year, the month of May is the sunniest month of the year.

In Dublin, the sunniest months are those of May and June, while the wettest are those of December, August and October. The rains are not abundant, on average falling between 750 and 800 mm of rain a year, but they are well distributed in each month of the year. Dublin has an average of 128 rainy days per year, the  rainy days monthly average varies between 9 days per month for the months of September and June and 12 days per month for the months of January, October and December. The snow in the city of Dublin is a rather rare event, although sometimes it can snow in winter. On average in the weather station of Dublin airport it snows for 16 days a year.


The best time for a visit to Dublin are the hottest months between April and September, although a visit to the city can be made at any time of year.


DUBLIN (20 meters)
Month Average low (°C) Average high (°C) Precip. (mm) Precip. days (snowy days)
January 2,4 8,1 62,6 17 (4,6)
February 2,3 8,3 48,8 15 (4,2)
March 3,4 10,2 52,7 17 (2,8)
April 4,6 12,1 54,1 15 (1,2)
May 6,9 14,8 59,5 15 (0,2)
June 9,6 17,6 66,7 14
July 11,7 19,5 56,2 16
August 11,5 19,2 73,3 16
September 9,8 17,0 59,5 15
October 7,3 13,6 79,0 17
November 4,5 10,3 72,9 17 (0,8)
December 2,8 8,3 72,7 17 (2,9)
YEAR 6,4 13,3 758,0 191 (16,6)



This post is also available in: Čeština Deutsch polski

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