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Acre: the westernmost state of Brazil

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Acre is the westernmost state in Brazil. This state is in fact at the western end of the country. The most western point of Brazil are in fact the sources of the Rio Moa, in the Serra Contamana on the border with Peru. Acre is one of the least populated states in the country. The only important city is the capital Rio Branco, another major center is Cruzeiro do Sul.

Acre is bordered by Peru to the west and southwest, Bolivia to the southeast and the Brazilian state of Amazonas to the north. While in the east it borders for a short distance with the Brazilian state of Rondonia.


Until the beginning of the twentieth century, Acre was a territory under Bolivian control. Only in 1903 it was purchased from Brazil with the payment of 2 million pounds and the construction of the Madeira-Mamoré railway line.

The territory of Acre is part of the Amazonian lowlands and the Amazonian forest occupies the whole country. The waterways are very used, which during the rainy season are the main land connection arteries. The main rivers are the Purus and the Juruá, all belonging to the water catchment area of the Amazon River.

Much of the territory is located at low heights, below 300 meters. Only in the western part, along the border with Peru is the Serra da Contamana (Serra do Divisor), where the highest heights of the state are found (609 meters).

Acre is, among the Brazilian states, one of the largest producers and exporters of rubber, in fact its precious rubber trees (Hevea brasiliensis) grow in its forests. The production of Brazil nuts (Bertholletia excelsa) is also very important. The exploitation of the immense forest heritage is the main economic voice of the state.

The climate of Acre.

  • Area: 152.581 km²
  • Population: 746,375 (2011) (mulatto 57.5%, whites 33.0%, blacks 7.8%, Asians and indigenous 1.7%)
  • Capital: Rio Branco
  • Time zone: UTC-4



This post is also available in: Deutsch

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