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Santa Catarina: coast, entertainment, sea and beaches

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The state of Santa Catarina is the smallest state in the southern region of Brazil (Região Sul do Brasil). However, this is also between the states with the highest standard of living in Brazil. The capital of the state is the city of Florianópolis, located in a magnificent position along the coast of the island of Santa Catarina (Ilha de Santa Catarina). But the largest city is Joinville, located near the coast in the northern part of the state.


Santa Catarina, like the other southern states of Brazil, is inhabited largely by descendants of European settlers from Portugal, Italy and Germany. About 45% of the population has Italian origin. While 35% are descended from German colonists.

The territory of Santa Catarina is formed largely by plateaus (planaltos). This means that over half of the territory is at an altitude above 600 meters. The few flat areas are located along the coast, which, however, sees the Serra do Mar rise a short distance away. While in the interior are the Serra Geral mountains where there is the highest mountain in the state, Morro da Boa Vista (1,827 meters ).

The state of Santa Catarina has a highly developed industry, livestock and agriculture. The main industrial centers in the region are the cities of Joinville and Blumenau. Tourism is also one of the region’s top activities. This is thanks to the long coast, which stretches over 500 kilometers, and to the numerous seaside resorts. The seaside resorts are particularly popular in the summer, between December and February. While the mountains in the interior of the Serra Catarinense become a popular destination in winter, when snow falls. Natural attractions such as canyons, waterfalls and mountains are also found in the region. Other attractions here include the Sanctuary of Santa Paulina, in Nova Trento, and the Beto Carrero World Park, in Penha. Which is the largest thematic amusement park in South America.

The climate of the state of Santa Catarina.

  • Area: 95,346 km²
  • Population: 6,248,436 (2010) (whites 85.7%, mulattos 11.7%, blacks 2.2%, Asians or indigenous 0.3%)
  • Capital: Florianópolis
  • Time zone: UTC-3 (Summer UTC -2)



This post is also available in: Deutsch

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