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The climate of Edinburgh: when to go to Edinburgh

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The ever-changing Scottish climate is largely determined by the Atlantic depression system and the presence of the Gulf Stream, generally the east coast tends to be colder and drier than the west coast. So Edinburgh, which is located along the east coast, has a relatively mild humid climate if we consider its northern latitude, the presence of the sea mitigates the extremes of temperatures. Edinburgh is a very windy city in all seasons, but fog is also often present.

In winter it is cold and the days are short, but with all that the city has to offer, a visit is always worthwhile. The rains are well distributed in every month of the year, but are slightly more abundant between July and December, the driest month is April. What to dispel is the fact that Edinburgh is a very rainy city, on average just over 700 mm of rain per year fall. Edinburgh has an average of 124 rainy days per year, with an average of 10 to 12 rainy days per month. The sunny hours are 1,426 per year, the month with the most sunshine is May.

Temperatures hardly exceed 20 ° C even during the summer months, the average annual temperature fluctuates around 10 ° C (3-4 ° C in winter, 14-16 ° C in summer). Average maximum temperatures vary between 19 ° C in July and August and 7 ° C in January and February, while minimum average temperatures vary between 11 ° C in July and August and 1 ° C in January and February.


The best time for a trip to Edinburgh are the months from April to September, characterized by mild weather and long light days.


EDINBURGH (47 meters)
MonthAverage low (°C)Average high (°C)Precip. (mm)Precip. days
January1,47,067,5 12,5
February1,57,547,0 9,4
March2,89,551,7 9,9
April4,311,840,5 8,8
May6,814,748,9 9,6
June9,717,261,3 9,6
July11,519,165,0 9,5
August11,418,960,2 9,7
September9,416,563,7 10,2
October6,513,175,6 12,4
November3,79,662,1 11,2
December1,37,060,8 11,4
YEAR5,912,7704,3 124,2



This post is also available in: Deutsch

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