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Bimini: diving and mysterious submerged stone slabs

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The island of Bimini is located east of the Florida coast from which it is only 80 km away. This is therefore the Bahamian island closest to the United States. The island of New Providence, where the capital of the Bahamas, Nassau is located, is instead about 200 km away. The island is made up of two islands, South and North Bimini, separated from each other by a narrow channel, and by numerous islets and sandbanks.

This island is inhabited by just over two thousand people and covers an area of approximately 23 sq km. Most of the island’s residents reside in Alice Town on the island of North Bimini. This town is the center of the island’s trade and entertainment venues. There you will find hotels, restaurants, bars, entertainment and shops.

During the period of prohibition in the United States, the island was a privileged place of refuge and a supply point for the rum trade. Among the famous people who have stayed there are: Ernest Hemingway, Martin Luther King Jr. and Jimmy Buffett.

South Bimini boasts an interesting natural trail, the Bimini Nature Trail. This path provides information and allows you to see the endemic plants and animals that populate the island in their natural environment including the rare Bimini Boa. On the island of North Bimini, inside a salt water mangrove swamp, there is the Healing Hole. This is a source of natural fresh water that flows from the subsoil.


This island is one of the diver’s havens. It is in fact located on the edge of an underwater reef that sinks hundreds of meters towards the deep ocean. Here you can make numerous dives for both beginner and experienced divers. During a dive you can visit shipwrecks of ships such as Sapona. But in these waters Spanish galleons have also been found. There are underwater caves to be explored. Coral reefs such as the Victory Reef and the Rainbow Reef where you can admire all sorts of marine life: from dolphins, to sea turtles, to sharks.

Among the most mysterious attractions of the island is the famous Bimini Road, a series of submerged stone slabs which according to some is a remnant of the legendary lost city of Atlantis. But more realistically they are only natural geological formations.


The island’s airport is located on the South Island (South Bimini Airport (IATA: BIM)) and is connected by flights with Nassau, Grand Bahama and Florida.

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This post is also available in: Deutsch

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