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Monuriki Island, Mamanuca, Fiji. Author and Copyright Marco Ramerini
Monuriki Island, Mamanuca, Fiji. Author and Copyright Marco Ramerini

Cruise to Mamanuca and Yasawa: Captain Cook Cruises

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After taking the first part of the cruise, the one that allowed us to visit the spectacular northern Yasawa islands, today we leave from Port Denarau to continue our cruise to the Mamanuca islands and the southern Yasawa. For those who make the 7-night cruise Captain Cook Cruises offers an excursion to choose from among 4 proposals during the morning that the ship stops in Port Denarau.

The following 4 excursions are offered: Factory Shopping Tour, Mud Pools, Zip Lining and Orchid Gardens. All excursions for those who make the 7-night cruise are free, with the exception of Zip Lining. We opt for the excursion to the Orchid Gardens of the Sleeping Giant and we are not disappointed. We visit the wonderful gardens with spectacular flowers and plants, then at the end we are offered an excellent refreshing cocktail based on tropical juices.


In the afternoon we leave for the Mamanuca islands. Today’s stop is a sandbank in the middle of the ocean, the islet of Nuku-I-Mana Cay. The tide is high and the islet is almost completely submerged. There are strong waves, but we disembark and take a bath. The next morning, that of the second day of cruise, we disembark in the spectacular mountainous island of Monu. Here there is a beautiful white sand beach that invites to walks. In front we have the island of Yanuya, while south of Monu is the island of Monuriki. The latter is the island where the famous film “Cast Away” with Tom Hanks was shot.

Monuriki is characterized by a triangle of white sand that connects the island with the rocks in front, the island then has a small mound that dominates it. Here sea turtles nest. In the late afternoon we visit the village of the island of Yanuya to attend Sunday mass. The church is Methodist and they have a very strange system of celebrating mass with infinite preaching, but the church chants are very beautiful.


On the third day we visit the spectacular Sacred Islands, the islands where, according to tradition, the first Fijians landed. According to the most recent studies, it seems that the first inhabitants of Fiji arrived here about 3,500 years ago. The beaches here are very beautiful and the sea is among the most beautiful in Fiji. We stop on the beach of the island of Navadra which faces the beautiful Vanua Levu.


In the afternoon we move to the mountainous island of Waya in the village of Yalobi where the school children offer us a wonderful song and dance show. Then we fraternize with the children who are intrigued and storm us with questions about where we come from. They ask us to indicate our nation on the large world map on the outside wall of the school and then they want to listen to our national anthem, we sing it willingly, then we ask them to sing us the Fijian anthem. In the late afternoon I participate in the trekking which allows us to reach a panoramic point overlooking the village and part of the island. Tonight is the last evening of the cruise, the crew delights us with a beautiful show of songs and dances.


On the morning of the following day the ship arrives in Port Denarau and we prepare for the landing. The crew greets us with the singing of Isa Lei, the farewell song of Fiji, very beautiful and exciting. The experience with Captain Cook Cruise has been very nice, the crew is truly phenomenal, very friendly and professional at the same time. In a short time we knew everyone and we became everyone’s friends.

The cruise is well organized in every detail, full of activities, allows you to see and experience every aspect of the islands. Visits to villages and schools are also very interesting and engaging. They allow you to get to know the inhabitants and bring the benefits of a non-invasive and regulated tourism directly to them. Fijians are truly a welcoming and open population, and always have a smile for everyone. Those who work for Captain Cook Cruises fully reflect this feature of the inhabitants of Fiji. A cruise certainly to be recommended.



This post is also available in: Deutsch

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