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Itinerary in French Polynesia: Bora Bora, Huahine, Rangiroa

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The itinerary we made in French Polynesia is part of a larger itinerary which also includes the United States. This itinerary in French Polynesia allowed us to visit 3 islands of this archipelago: the two volcanic islands of Bora Bora and Huahine, and the coral atoll of Rangiroa.

Our stops for the night were the following: Bora Bora (4 nights), Huahine (4 nights), Rangiroa (4 nights).

Day 1: Los Angeles-Tahiti-Bora Bora August 11, clear

After a flight of about 8 hours from Los Angeles we arrived around 3 am at the airport in Tahiti-Faa’a. The domestic flight that will take us to the island of Bora Bora leaves at 7am. In about 50 minutes the plane makes the trip from Tahiti to Bora Bora, fantastic are the views of the lagoon from the plane that flew over at low altitude before landing.

The airport of Bora Bora is located on a small island (motu) in the northern part of the lagoon of the island, from here we just have an appetizer of what to expect in Bora Bora, we see the famous mountain of the island and its beautiful lagoon who buys in beauty when the sun hits it with its rays. A passenger service transfers the tourists from the airport to small town of Vaitape, the island’s capital, characterized by a small church. In Vaitape a bus takes us to our hotel, the Sofitel Marara.

In the afternoon we decided to take a walk towards that which is the only beach on the island of Bora Bora (the other beaches are all on the motus in the lagoon), the beach of Matira. This beach is very beautiful, white sand, from here you can admire beautiful sunsets and in the distance you can see the small island of Maupiti.

4 Nights in Bora Bora: Sofitel Marara Bora Bora.

Day 2°: Bora Bora August 12, clear

Today, we did the classic tour of the island by boat, a great experience for the landscape that we see, we see the sharks and we stopped on a lonely motu where we have lunch with grilled fish and the famous Polynesian poisson cru, raw fish marinated in juice lemon and coconut.

In the afternoon we take the bikes of the hotel and we go around the island by bike (remember to bring water), a total of about 32 km, a really nice ride, would recommend to all, the road is almost all flat, except for a short climb, take it easy and enjoy the scenery. We stopped to see the ruins of the guns of World War II, placed by the Americans who had to Bora Bora a military base in the Pacific War against the Japanese. We stop to visit some Marae (Polynesian temples) that are found along the way. In addition, cycling is a much easier contact with the locals, if you can stop talking to them, it is a great experience.

Day 3°: Bora Bora August 13, clear

This morning we went by bicycle to the village of Vaitape, the road to the village runs along the beautiful white beach of Matira, in the village we visited the small church, if you are there on Sunday is highly recommended to attend a religious function, we did this in Rangiroa, and it is really an unforgettable experience. The rest of the day we spend to relax in the sea of the lagoon of Bora Bora.

Day 4°: Bora Bora August 14, clear

We get up early in the morning and we take a canoe (remember to bring water) with which we explore two uninhabited islets in front of our hotel, on these islands lived only 4 goats (now on the two islands have built another hotel, Sofitel Bora Bora Private Island), then we went on Motu Piti Aau, time passes quickly for the beauty of the landscape, we swam in the sea, and we do not realize that the sun is up, let us return to our hotel for 13pm. Wonderful experience, to be redone, but another time we will be more careful ……… because the sun beats down here really, the evening I pull all the skin in, I took a strong insolation, I have fever .. …

Day 5: Huahine August 15, clear

The itinerary in French Polynesia continues to the island of Huahine. This morning we get up early, we get up at 5, we decided to see the sunrise, then at 8 we have the flight to Huahine. Our flight also stops at the island of Raiatea, the time taken including the short stop is about 50 minutes. We stay at the Hotel Relais Mahana. Huahine is a less touristy island of Bora Bora, the mountains here are sweeter, but the island is wilder.

In the afternoon we took a short walk to the village of Fare where, in the harbor, we saw the arrival of the ferry that connects the islands at the time of the arrival of the small ferry the port is alive, are open stalls selling skewers, fruit and other local things, a really good show with people who greet relatives departing or arriving with the typical garlands of flowers or shells.

4 Nights in Huahine: Hotel Relais Mahana

Day 6°: Huahine August 16, clear

In the morning we visit on foot the small town of Fare, we went beyond and we come to the next bay. In the afternoon we relax by the sea.

Day 7°: Huahine August 17, clear

Today we dedicate the morning to the sea and in the afternoon we rented a small Japanese car and visited the island, which is then made ​​up of two islands connected by a bridge, we made all the paved roads of the island, and even some unpaved roads, the Southern Island, Huahine Iti is more beautiful and wild than Huahine Nui, the Northern island, where we sojourn, the only beautiful beach on island is located at the southern end of Huahine Iti. Huahine Nui is very interesting for the archaeological remains found there, there are many marae, and in the lagoon of Fauna Nui are some ancient fish traps.

Day 8°: Huahine August 18, clear

Today, we are dedicated to cycling despite Huahine has some pretty hard climbs for our legs (untrained) anyway first we visited the area of the archaeological site of Maeva and the area of ​​Lake Fauna Nui, then after lunch, we first stopped at the village of Fare and then we continued to the Bay of Maroe, an area surrounded by a beautiful tropical vegetation.

Day 9°: Huahine-Rangiroa August 19, clear

The itinerary in French Polynesia continues towards the island of Rangiroa. Today a transfer stop for the archipealgo of the Tuamotu Islands, the paradise of atolls. We take a first flight to Tahiti and then a second flight to Rangiroa, the Tahiti-Rangiroa route takes about 1 hour to fly.

4 Nights in Rangiroa: Kia Ora Village Rangiroa.

Day 10°: Rangiroa August 20, clear

Day dedicated to the sea and the sun. Beautiful seabed and really a lot of fish.

Day 11°: Rangiroa August 21, clear

Today is Sunday and we decided to go to Mass in the small village of Avatoru, the religious songs of the Polynesians, are really beautiful, it is a truly unforgettable experience, not to be missed. Then day of sea and sun.

Day 12°: Rangiroa August 22, clear

Today we go with the glass boat on the reef and the Pass of Tiputa to see many fish, sharks included, which are carried by the current. In the afternoon we take a bike and wander along the road that connects the Tiputa Passto the village of Avatoru, sometimes we stop on the side facing the ocean and sometimes on the one facing the lagoon to admire the scenery and look for shells, there are some beautiful, it is a very relaxing activity.

Day 13°: Rangiroa-Tahiti August 23, clear

The itinerary in French Polynesia continues to the island of Tahiti. Unfortunately we are leaving today, but since our plane leaves at 2 pm, we dedicate the morning to the sea and to walk on the beach looking for shells, it is an activity that we really like.

In the afternoon we take the flight to Tahiti, where we will stay until 12 pm, when it will start our return flight. Since we have a free day we decided to visit the city of Papeete, the capital of French Polynesia and only city in the archipelago, there live about half of the people living in the French Polynesia. From the airport we take one of the typical truck, we climb without a ticket and we pay directly to the driver, we descend upon request where we want. We visit the city center and the market of the shells. Then after dinner we salute the French Polynesia and we take another truck that brings us back to the airport, born in our hearts the desire to return, this was just a taste, and appetite comes with eating, as they say! There are thousands of islands to explore!



This post is also available in: Deutsch

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