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Southern Kefalonia: Argostoli, Koroni, Markopoulo

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The southern section of the island is the largest part of Kefalonia, where the main inhabited center is located, the town of Argostoli, located on a peninsula along the west coast. While on the opposite side, on the east coast there is the most important port of the island, the port of Sami, located in the center of the bay of the same name.


The main center of the island is a modern and lively town with few ancient buildings. There are some interesting museums such as the Natural History Museum and the Archaeological Museum. Ferries for Kyllini in the Peloponnese and nearby Lixouri leave from the port of Argostoli.

BEACHES: South of Argostoli there are some beaches, proceeding from the north you will find the beaches of Makrys Gialos, Platys Gialos, Minies and, beyond the airport, Avythos beach.

VENETIAN FORTRESS OF SAN GIORGIO: In the interior, near the village of Peratata, 7 km southeast of Argostoli, there are the ruins of the Venetian fortress of St. George (Agios Georgios), built in the 16th century on the site of a Frank castle of the XII century, this fortress was the seat of the Venetian government and the capital of the island until 1757, when the capital was transferred to nearby Argostoli.

MAZARAKATA: A few kilometers south of the castle are the Mycenaean tombs of Mazarakata.

MONI AGIOU GERASIMOU: Located even further inland is a monastery where you can see the caves where the patron saint of Kefalonia lived, Gerasimou. Wine lovers nearby can visit the cooperative headquarters where the wine is made with Robola grapes, typical of Kefalonia.

KORONI BEACH: Ferries to Zakynthos (Zakynthos) leave from the nearby port of Pesada, and further south you will reach the beautiful beaches of Lourdata and Koroni. Koroni beach can be reached by a path that starts from the village of Thiramona and goes down to the sea. The beach is small in size, but nestled in a spectacular landscape of cliffs.


Markopoulo is a small town located in the south-eastern part of Kefalonia, about 25 km south-east of Argostoli. This small village of southern Kefalonia is known for a curiosity: the event (the Panaghia festival) held on August 15 in Markopoulo, for the feast of the Assumption. It seems that the place is invaded by hundreds of harmless snakes that crawl everywhere from the beginning of the month and disappear after the feast of the Assumption.

SKALA: At the southern end of the eastern coast of Kefalonia is the seaside resort of Skala with a decent beach. A short distance from the inhabited center are the remains of a III century Roman villa with mosaic floors, while just north of the village are the remains of a temple dedicated to Apollo.

POROS: Continuing north along the coast you reach the village of Poros with a discreet beach and from whose port ferries leave for Kyllini in the Peloponnese. In the direction of the village of Tzanata are the remains of an ancient Mycenaean tomb.

SAMI: From Poros the road continues inland and reaches the sea at the port of Sami, the most important of Kefalonia. Ferries to Patras and Ithaca leave from here. Around Sami there are several attractions. These include the Melissani cave, where there is a large underground lake, and the Drogarati cave full of limestone concretions. At 4 km east of Sami, near the cape Dihalia, there is the beautiful beach of Antisamos.

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