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Rhodes Citadel: The Fortress of the Knights of St. John

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The island of Rhodes, which is the largest of the Dodecanese archipelago, is located in the southeastern Aegean a short distance from the Turkish coast. Rhodes is not just sea, nature and sun. The port of Rhodes town is rich in history, an authentic open-air museum. The city and citadel of Rhodes are a popular international tourist destination.

The citadel of Rhodes, built by the Hospitaller Knights, is one of the best preserved fortified medieval cities in Europe. The medieval city of Rhodes for its unique set of Gothic-style buildings became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1988.

The citadel is consequently spectacular. Enclosed within mighty walls that were built starting from 1309 on previous Byzantine fortifications. On which 11 gates open. The most monumental gate is undoubtedly the Marine Gate. Which is the gate that allows access from the port to the citadel of the Knights of Saint John. The walls enclose an area of ​​about 42 hectares and were completed between 1457 and 1465.


The citadel has been besieged several times by Muslim troops. But it was only with the Ottoman siege of 1522 that the citadel of Rhodes was conquered. The citadel today represents one of the best preserved medieval fortifications in the Mediterranean. The citadel also includes buildings from the Ottoman era, including mosques and public baths.

The apex of the fortifications of the citadel is represented by the Palace of the Grand Masters of the Knights of Rhodes, one of the rare examples of Gothic style found in Greece. The palace is first of all a fortress located inside the citadel which dates back to the 14th century. This building at the time of the Knights was the residence of the Grand Master and also the administrative center of the island. While today it is home to a beautiful museum dedicated to Byzantine art.

Inside the fortifications of Rhodes there is a spectacular and well-preserved medieval city. The most important and beautiful street in the city of Rhodes is the Via dei Cavalieri. Along this street there are some beautiful medieval buildings, including the residences of the members of the order.

The Hospital of the Knights which was built in 1440 and was the place where the sick were treated. Inside the building there is an arched courtyard. The palace today is the seat of a rich Archaeological museum.

Rhodes: the island of the colossus.

The climate of Rhodes.



This post is also available in: Deutsch

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