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Athens: one of the oldest cities in the world

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Athens, the capital of Greece, is located in the province of Attica and its metropolitan area extends over much of the territory of Attica. The city is surrounded by the Egaleo, Parniths, Penteli and Imittos mountains. Together with its suburbs and the nearby city of Piraeus, which is its port, Athens forms a metropolitan complex, which is home to around 3.7 million inhabitants.

Athens is a city of ancient origins. The area of ​​the acropolis was inhabited since the Neolithic era, became the capital of modern Greece in 1834. Athens especially in classical times became the religious and artistic center of all Greece. During this period the city was embellished with numerous public and religious buildings, some of which are still visible today.

The Acropolis of Athens was included, in 1987, in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The list includes four of the great masterpieces of Greek classical art: the Parthenon, the Propylaeum, the Erechtheion and the Temple of Athena Nike.

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The city is well served by a public transport network. These include mainly a subway, a suburban railway and a network of urban trams and buses.

Metro: The Metro is made up of three lines which extend for a total of 76 km. The lines are both underground and surface. Line 1 connects the city center with Piraeus and the northern suburb of Kifisià. Of the Metro lines, Line 2 is the shortest. It also passes through the historic center and connects Àghios Antonios with Àghios Dimitrios. While Line 3 departs from the western district of Egaleo, it crosses the city center and continues to the east at “El. Venizelos” Airport.

Suburban Railway: The Suburban Railway has a total extension of about 120 kilometers. This line, among others, connects the city to the “Eleftherios Venizelos” International Airport.

Tram, Bus, Trolleybus: The city has a good 26 km long tramway network that connects the city center with the coastal districts of Ghlyfada and Fàliro. The bus and trolleybus network is very extensive and unites every district of the city and its metropolitan area. There are about 350 lines that make up the public transport network of the Greek capital.

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This post is also available in: Deutsch

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