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Greece tourist attractions: what to see in Greece

Greece is the cradle of classical civilization, for that those who visit the country must always take into account its history and its archaeological sites, which is reflected especially in the acropolis of Athens and the Parthenon, but also in the ruins of the Minoan civilization with the sumptuous palaces of Knossos and Phaistos, and what remains of the Mycenaean civilization that left ruins at Mycenae, with the picturesque port of lions, Tiryns and Thebes.

The places of the ancient shrines of the Greek gods, such as Olympia, Delphi and Delos are still fascinating archaeological destinations, as well as other monuments of classical antiquity as the theater of Epidaurus, which attract tourists from all over the world. Greece has traces of all the peoples who have dominated by the Romans, the Byzantines, the Turks, the Venetians.

Byzantine art is another fascinating aspect of a trip to Greece, the most beautiful centers are in Macedonia, especially in Thessaloniki and Kastoria, and in the Peloponnese, where the more interesting destination are the ruins of the city of Mystras, the seat of the Despotate of Morea, but where there are also a myriad of other small centers of interest. In central Greece among the most beautiful places to visit is Meteora, a natural-artistic wonder, who is now one of the symbols of the country.

The Venetian castles and fortresses present along the coasts of the country and in almost every island are another testimony to the varied Greek history, among the most beautiful ones are those present along the coasts of the Peloponnese and Crete, as well as the remains of Ottoman domination. Another curiosity of Greece is the monastic republic which is on the eastern peninsula of the Chalkidiki peninsula, Mount Athos.

Greece, however, is now known primarily for its beautiful sea and the hundreds of islands that make it a unique country. To the west are the green Ionian islands where the Venetian influence is still visible in the historic centers of towns and in the fortresses that dominate them.

But is in the Aegean Sea which are most of the islands, here are the Cycladic islands, the most famous of which are Mykonos and Santorini, mundane and unbridled fun destinations. Towards Turkey is the Dodecanese archipelago with the island of Rhodes, Italian possession until the end of World War II, just north near the Turkish coast are the islands of Chios, Lesbos and Samos, the ancient Genoese possessions. At the southern end of the Aegean Sea closing the arch of the Greek islands, is the island of Crete, home of the Minoan civilization.

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