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Kings Canyon: a spectacular canyon in the Australian desert

The Kings Canyon in Watarrka National Park is a canyon located at 440 km south- west of Alice Springs, about 300 km north- east from Ayers Rock (Uluru). Kings Canyon is a spectacular area of the Australian desert formed by red cliffs up to 100 meters high, the plateau above the cliffs is covered with rocky domes. The canyon is spectacular and definitely worth a depth visit.

Some areas of the park are sacred to Aboriginal Australians, such areas are to be avoided not to offend the Aboriginal population. In the canyon you have breathtaking views, including areas where you can admire cliffs of several hundred meters, among the attractions rock formations called the Lost City and Garden of Eden.

The park can be visited by three beautiful trails, are two in particular that can be easily made, the first, the Kings Creek Walk, has a length of 2 km (return trip), which results into a walk of about 1 hour. This path runs along the bottom of the gorge of the river until you reach a platform with a view of the canyon walls.

Kings Canyon, Watarrka National Park, Australia. Author Vinci Liu. No Copyright.

Kings Canyon, Watarrka National Park, Australia. Author Vinci Liu

The most beautiful trail is the Kings Canyon Rim Walk, a circular path 6 km long. After climbing up on top of the cliff you have spectacular views of the canyon and the surrounding area. This path that allows you to visit the park in its entirety and leads to some scenic spots from which you have stunning views of the domes of the Lost City and on the rocks of the so-called Garden of Eden, to travel around the circular path are needed from 4 to 5 hours of walking.

For the more adventurous the third path, the Giles Track, has a length of 22 km and joins the Kings Canyon with Kathleen Springs.

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