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Perth: one of the most livable cities in Australia

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Perth, the capital of Western Australia, was founded in 1829 along the banks of the Swan River near the mouth of the river in the Indian Ocean. The place was initially a penal colony and a military post. Later the city developed both thanks to the construction of the railway that connected it to Adelaide and because of the discovery of the gold deposits in the interior of the territory of Western Australia.

Perth is the most important city and the capital of Western Australia. With nearly 2 million people living in its metropolitan area, which also includes the port of Fremantle. The city of Perth is home to around 80% of the population of Western Australia.

Few are the Australian cities that rival Perth in beauty. Western Australia is remote and isolated from the rest of the country, but its capital Perth is often recognized as Australia’s most beautiful city.


Perth’s historic center is made up of narrow streets and British colonial-style buildings that are expertly alternated with modern buildings and skyscrapers. The city is compact and easy to visit, there are numerous parks and gardens, as well as some interesting museums such as the Art Gallery of Western Australia, a museum dedicated to Aboriginal art and the art of Western Australia.

Places to visit include Kings Park, 400 acres of parkland, picnic areas and bushes with magnificent panoramic views of the Perth skyline and the Swan River. Another interesting visit is the Perth Mint, which is the nation’s oldest still operating mint. It was founded in 1899 and is one of the oldest mints in the world that still produce coins from its original location.

For families with children, the Perth Zoo surrounded by English gardens is also worth visiting. Underwater World, a rich aquarium with marine species living in the seas of Australia. And finally the Adventure World, a theme park full of attractions with swimming pools and water slides.

Just 12 km from the city center you can reach Freemantle’s surf beaches on the Indian Ocean. While some beaches are also found along the Swan River. Another attraction, opposite Freemantle, is Rottnest Island. Here you can see quokka, small marsupials, as well as numerous and beautiful beaches.

The city is connected with the rest of Australia and with numerous Asian countries through an important international airport, Perth Airport (PER). This airport is the fourth largest airport for passenger traffic after Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. The airport is located 20 kilometers north-east of the city.

The climate of Perth.

This post is also available in: Deutsch

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