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The climate of Australia: when to go to Australia

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The climate of various parts of Australia varies greatly due to the vastness of the country. Australia because of its shapes and sizes is in fact characterized by different types of climate, even very different from each other. In fact, we find a vast central and western area of the country subject to the desert climate. While the northern end of the York Peninsula is subject to an equatorial climate. The coastal areas of New South Wales and Victoria, and Tasmania are temperate zones. Finally, the Queensland coast has a tropical and sub-tropical climate.

Much of Australia’s inland climate is desert or sub-desert. In these areas there is a short rainy season and then for the rest of the year the climate is arid and dry. The driest and desert areas of Australia correspond to the deserts Great Sandy, Simpson, Gibson, Tanami and Great Victoria. But the rest of the country is also quite arid, much of Australia receives less than 600 mm of rain per year.

Australia is below the equator so the Australian seasons are reversed compared from those of Europe and North America. So the Australian winter is between June and September, while the summer is between December and March.

The differences in temperature between day and night are very high, especially in desert areas. Sometimes there may also be a 30 ° C difference between the minimum and maximum temperatures of the same day. In the north of Australia the rainy season is between December and March. While in the southern part of the country the months between June and September are the rainiest.


Being a very large country Australia lends itself to a trip all year round. In principle we can say that the months between September and March are excellent for visiting the southern areas of the country, so to speak those where the cities of Melbourne and Sydney are located. The desert areas north of the Tropic of Capricorn instead see their best period for a trip in the months between May and October.


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This post is also available in: 简体中文 繁體中文 Deutsch

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