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Photographers, Lake Tekapo, New Zealand. Author and Copyright Marco Ramerini
Photographers, Lake Tekapo, New Zealand. Author and Copyright Marco Ramerini

Photographic tours: an interesting way to travel

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In my travels the camera has never been missing. Since I was a teenager I have been passionate about photography. I grew up with old photographic films. Quite late I went digital. Digital allows an infinity of things that with traditional film photography was unthinkable. I particularly like landscape photography, because for me traveling means seeing new natural landscapes. I am also attracted by the historical and archaeological evidence and by the populations that inhabit this wonderfully varied planet of ours. So obviously photographic trips are for me!

To refine my photographic technique, to share the same interests with other enthusiasts and to learn the secrets of the work, this year I decided to try a “photographic” tours. This choice of mine was also motivated by the curiosity to see the difference between a trip dedicated to photography and an organized tour where you have to do everything with speed and where there are rarely human times to be able to admire the beauties for which we have crossed half the world.

What I hate most on organized trips, and is one of the reasons why I often travel alone, is losing hours in a souvenir shop or restaurant, while outside or along the way there are unique things to admire and photograph. In the past there have been places and roads where if I had been alone I would have stopped continuously to admire the landscape, but being on an organized trip we went further without stopping and then we waited hours in a shop to allow everyone to buy some gimcrackery.


What I immediately noticed and that attracted me when deciding to participate in a photographic journey are: the small number of participants. The presence of a professional photographer who will show us the best techniques for taking photos. The really interesting and well studied destinations for this type of travel. The time that we will have to take shots without having to hurry, so that we can photograph in the best light. One of the negative notes is that the proposed trips are often too short. Two or three more days would allow you to enjoy the best of the places visited. This is even more important if we travel to other continents.

Furthermore, based on your interests, you can opt for photographic tours that take better care of the landscape aspect, or destinations aimed at observing and photographing animals in their natural environment. There are also interesting trips dedicated to photographing cities and the uses and customs of populations from every corner of the planet. So you can choose between landscape photography, nature photography, ethnographic photography, architectural photography or a mix of all these photographic techniques.


Among the destinations we find Africa, with its suggestive landscapes and with the unparalleled wealth of wild fauna. Usually the countries proposed are those of southern Africa such as Botswana, Namibia and South Africa. But there are also Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia, Madagascar. As for Asia, there are proposals for China, India and Vietnam. But also for Mongolia, Burma or Japan. In Europe, trips to Iceland, Ireland, Norway, Scotland, Provence, Normandy, Dolomites and Tuscany are very beautiful.

In North America the most proposed destinations are Canada, with the spectacular Rocky Mountains of Alberta and British Columbia parks, and the United States with Alaska, the parks of Utah, Wyoming and Arizona, but also with the city of New York. While in South America, unique itineraries are offered such as the Andes mountains, the Pantanal in Brazil, the parks of Patagonia and the high altitude desert areas between Bolivia, Argentina and Chile. There is also space for spectacular trips from a landscape point of view such as those in Australia and New Zealand.

New Zealand Photo Tour.

Patagonia Photo Tour.

In the Atacama desert in search of the stars

This post is also available in: Deutsch

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