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The Terraces of Shabadran on the island of Maré

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Among the most beautiful places to visit on the island of Maré in New Caledonia there are certainly the so-called Terraces of Shabadran (Terrasses de Shabadran). Located in the southern part of this island of the Loyalty Islands archipelago, the Shabadran Terraces can only be reached after a two and a half hour trek. To reach Shabadran it is strongly recommended to rely on a local guide. The walk offers magnificent views of the coral plateaus and cliffs of the island of Maré.


The place is characterized by the presence of crystalline water terraces divided by dark coral rock alternating with soft and candid white sand. The terraces are perfect tubs where you can soak. The surrounding coastline is high and is made up of coral rock. Here too, as along the coast of the whole island, the characteristic columnar pines stand out, whose scientific name is Araucaria columnaris. These trees are endemic to New Caledonia and were classified by Johann Reinhold Forster, a botanist who took part in Captain James Cook’s second voyage to the Pacific (1772-1775).

Along the coast the waves break threateningly, but the coral reefs make the Terraces of Shabadran an idyllic place to stop for a few hours, swimming or exploring the surroundings. It is a tough excursion, but once you arrive it certainly pays off for all the efforts made. In fact, one of the most beautiful panoramas that can be admired in this part of the Pacific Ocean will open up in front of you.

The island of Maré holds many other surprises. Among the places to see on this beautiful island are the Natural Aquarium (aquarium naturel), the Warrior’s Leap (Saut du guerrier), the ancient church of La Roche, the beach of Patho-Kurine and the endless and wild beaches on the southwestern part of the island between Yejele and Cape Wabao.

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This post is also available in: Deutsch