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Lifou: a raised coral atoll with beautiful beaches

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Lifou (1,207 km²; 9,275 inhabitants) is the largest and most populated island in the archipelago of the islands of Loyalty, it is a raised coral atoll, where the internal lagoon has dried up due to the rise of the island.

The main center of the island is the village of We, which is the capital of the province of the islands of Loyalty. From an administrative point of view Lifou is divided into 3 districts, to the north is that of Wetr, while the district of Gaica includes the central western area of the island and the district of Lösi includes the south of Lifou and the island of Tiga.

The island, called in the local language Drehu, has numerous natural attractions. These include a coastline made up of coral reefs interspersed with long stretches of white sand beaches, which are among the most beautiful in New Caledonia. The seabed is rich in corals and fish and the lagoon water takes on wonderful colors. The interior of the island is covered by a dense tropical forest that covers the ancient lagoon of the atoll. While along the coasts the ancient coral reefs are clearly visible, which are now found out of the water, and are rich in ravines and caves. The highest point on the island reaches 104 meters in height.


Lifou Island is made up of raised coral divided into three bases. This is clearly visible to the attentive observer. The coast is an alternation of coral cliffs overlooking the sea and white sandy beaches.

Among the wonderful beaches of the island, a visit to Luengoni beach is mandatory. This is a long and wonderful beach of fine white sand, one of the most beautiful in New Caledonia. The wonderful scenery of this beach is completed by a rocky coral island that rises from the waters of the lagoon and stands out on a sea formed by fantastic shades of blue.

Among the cliffs not to miss a visit to those of Jokin (Dokin), located in the far north, they dominate the intense blue of the ocean from a height of over 40 meters. In this area, in the months between August and September, it is possible to observe the passage of whales.


Among the beaches, the long white beach of Chateaubriand is also very beautiful, located at the point where the main center of the island is located, the village of We.

South of Luengoni there are numerous bays with white sand beaches, especially around the village of Mu. For watching magnificent sunsets, Peng beach in the central-western area of the island is very beautiful. This is a small sandy beach nestled between the cliffs, which is easily reached by taking a short dirt road.

Other interesting attractions of the island are the “Grande Case” of the “Chefferie” of Nathalo. The Devil’s Cave (Grotte du Diable) in Tingeting, which can only be visited with the assistance of a guide. The vanilla farm (vanilleraie) of Mucaweng. The chapel of Notre Dame de Lourdes in Easo, dating back to 1889. The cliffs of Xodre in the south-eastern part of Lifou.

The climate of New Caledonia.

This post is also available in: Deutsch

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