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The climate of Shanghai: when to go to Shanghai

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The climate of Shanghai is tropical humid, hot in summer but cold in winter when, in January, the average minimum temperatures reach 0 ° C. In summer the average maximum temperatures exceed 30 ° C, but what makes this the worst time of year for a trip are the rains and high humidity. Autumn is generally sunny and dry, winters are usually gray and sad, spring is highly variable, with frequent rain and alternating periods of warm and cold.

The rainy season runs from April to September, the average annual precipitation is 1,100 mm. The rainiest months are those of June and September. The city has an average of 120 rainy days per year, they range from 12 days of rain in the month of June to 7 days of rain in the month of October. Shanghai may be occasionally affected by tropical typhoons in summer and early autumn. The snowfalls are rare, on average, it snows in the city once or twice a year. The city has an annual average of almost 1,900 hours of sunshine.


Probably the best time to visit Shanghai is autumn, ie the months of October to November, the temperature in this period is mild and rain is less likely than in the spring and summer. Winter is the driest time of the year but temperatures are quite cold. Finally, the spring can also be a good season to visit the city, although this season the weather is often very variable.


SHANGHAI (4 meters)
Month Average low (°C) Average high (°C) Precip. (mm) Precip. days
January 2,1 8,1 74,4  9,9
February 3,7 10,1 59,1  9,2
March 6,9 13,8 93,8  12,4
April 11,9 19,5 74,2  11,2
May 17,3 24,8 84,5  10,4
June 21,7 27,8 181,8  12,7
July 25,8 32,2 145,7  11,4
August 25,8 31,5 213,7  12,3
September 22,4 27,9 87,1  9,1
October 16,8 22,9 55,6  6,9
November 10,6 17,3 52,3  7,6
December 4,7 11,1 43,9  7,7
YEAR 14,1 20,6 1166,1  120,8

This post is also available in: Deutsch