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The climate of Macau: when to go to Macau

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The climate of Macau is subtropical humid influenced by monsoon. The climate, as in much of southern China, is cool and sunny in winter (January-February), hot and rainy in spring (March-April) and summer (May-October), while it is mild and sunny in autumn (October-December).

The differences in temperature and humidity between summer and winter are obvious. Summer is the longest season in Macau, it in fact covers the months between May and October, in this season of the year there are frequent and heavy rains, but also storms and typhoons (tropical storms), as well as from the rain, summer season is also characterized by high humidity and high temperatures. The average maximum temperatures vary between 31 ° C in July and August and 17 ° C in January and February, while the average minimum temperatures vary between 26 ° C in July and August and 12 ° C in January.

The average annual rainfall is 2,100 millimeters. The dry season runs from November to March. Eighty percent of the precipitation that falls in Macau occur between April and October, the months between May and August recorded the highest rainfall. Macau has an average of 133 rainy days per year, the month with the most days of rain is June with 17 days of rain, while the month of December instead has an average of only 4 days of rain.


The best time for a trip to Macau are the driest and cooler months between October and March. The most pleasant time of year is autumn, between October and December, which has pleasant temperatures and clear skies.

The Macao Meteorological Service page.


MACAU (15 meters)
Month Average low (°C) Average high (°C) Precip. (mm) Precip. days
January 12,5 18,2 26,5  5,5
February 13,6 18,5 59,5  9,9
March 16,2 21,0 89,3  11,7
April 20,2 24,7 195,2  12,0
May 23,6 28,4 311,1  13,9
June 25,6 30,3 363,8  17,7
July 26,2 31,6 297,4  16,0
August 26,1 31,5 343,1  16,0
September 25,1 30,4 219,5  12,3
October 22,6 28,1 79,0  6,1
November 18,3 24,1 43,7  4,6
December 14,0 20,1 30,2  4,5
YEAR 20,3 25,6 2058,1  130,2



This post is also available in: 简体中文 繁體中文 Deutsch Русский

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