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The climate of Oslo: when to go to Oslo

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Oslo has a humid continental climate. In fact, even in Oslo, as in the rest of Norway, the climate is influenced by the effects of the Gulf Stream which makes the Norwegian climate milder than that of other places located in the same northern latitude.


Temperatures are relatively cold during the winter. In fact, in the coldest month, that of January, average minimum temperatures of -6.8 ° C are reached. The average minimum temperatures remain below zero between November and March. Between December and February, the average maximum temperatures also remain below freezing, reaching -1.8 ° C in January.

During the summer temperatures rise significantly. In fact, the average maximum temperatures reach 21.5 ° C in July, while in the same month the average minimum temperatures reach 12.2 ° C. Between June and August the average maximum temperatures are above 20 ° C. Oslo has 1,668 hours of sunshine per year.


The rainiest months are those between July and November. While the driest ones are the winter and spring ones between December and May. On average in Oslo 763 mm of rain fall in a year. The rainy days are 77 per year. The months with the most rainy days are August, October and November with 8 rainy days per month each.

Snow is a very frequent event in the city and can fall between October and April, but most falls between November and February. Oslo has an average of 53 snow days per year. The month of December is the one in which it snows most, on average December has 15 days of snow. The months of January and November each have 12 days of snow. While February has 9, March has 3 and October and April have only 1 each. The amount of falling snow is greatest in the months of January and February when more than 21 cm of snow fall per month. Oslo has an annual average of 77 cm of snow.


The best months for a trip to Oslo are between May and September with mild temperatures and very long days.


OSLO (23 meters)
MonthAverage low (°C)Average high (°C)Precip. (mm)Precip. days
January-6,8-1,849 6
February-6,8-0,936 4
March-3,33,547 6
April0,89,141 5
May6,515,853 5
June10,620,465 7
July12,221,581 7
August11,320,189 8
September7,515,190 7
October3,89,384 8
November-1,53,273 8
December-5,6-0,555 6
YEAR2,49,6763 77



This post is also available in: Deutsch

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