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Geirangerfjord, Norway. Author and Copyright Marco Ramerini
Geirangerfjord, Norway. Author and Copyright Marco Ramerini

Tourist attractions in Norway: what to see

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Natural and landscape attractions are the main motivations for a trip to Norway. For tourists, Norway generally means spectacular fjords, glaciers and islands. But those who visit the far north of the country during the summer also have the opportunity to admire other tourist attractions in Norway. Like the phenomenon of the midnight sun that occurs in the summer months. In fact, beyond the Arctic Circle for a certain period (which varies according to latitude) at the beginning of the summer months the sun never sets. While the northern lights are instead visible in the winter.


The Norwegian fjords and their spectacular waterfalls are however the best known attraction in the country. Among the most famous fjords we find the Sognefjord, a fjord over 200 km long and 1,244 meters deep. Very nice is also the Hardangerfjord located at the foot of the homonymous glacier.

However, the Geirangerfjord with its spectacular waterfalls is probably the best known. The Geirangerfjord is one of Norway’s most spectacular fjords. While sailing in this fjord, immersed in a landscape made of rocky walls covered with vegetation, it is possible to admire numerous waterfalls that flow directly into the fjord. The best known and admired are the Seven Sisters (De syv søstrene) and the Veil of the Bride (Brudesløret) waterfalls. Among the Norwegian glaciers, the imposing Jostedalsbreen glacier stands out, which, with an area of 487 km2, is the largest glacier in continental Europe.


No less characteristic element of the fjords and other important tourist attractions of Norway are the countless islands that face the Norwegian coast. Among the best known and most visited archipelagos are those of the Lofoten islands and the Vesterålen islands. The Lofoten islands are a Norwegian archipelago located north of the Arctic Circle. The islands are famous for the beauty of natural landscapes. There are sharp mountains that fall sheer above the sea in an uncontaminated scenario. Magerøya, is the northernmost island of Europe, here is the North Cape, and the lesser known Knivskjellodden, which is the northernmost point of the European continent. Since 1999 the island has been connected to the mainland by an underwater tunnel.

Lofoten islands, Norway. Author and Copyright Marco Ramerini

Lofoten islands, Norway. Author Marco Ramerini

But in recent years the remote arctic archipelago of the Svalbard islands has also become an important tourist destination. The Svalbard islands are the northernmost of the Arctic archipelagos in Norway, this group of islands is located about 500 km north of the North Cape. Svalbard are cruise destinations and ideal destinations for those who want to admire Arctic nature and fauna, among the sea, mountains and glaciers you can observe whales and polar bears.


Another reason for tourist attraction is the characteristic midnight sun. In Nordkapp (North Cape), at the northern end of the country, the sun never sets from 13 May to 29 July. Further south, the midnight sun in the Lofoten islands is visible from 28 May to 14 July. Another wonderful phenomenon typical of the Nordic countries and visible from Norway are the northern lights, which can sometimes be admired during the long winter (the period from October to March is the best to observe them).

Among the cities of Norway, the capital Oslo is a modern and functional city. Bergen, Norway’s second largest city, has a beautiful historic center. The historic district of the city the “Bryggen” has been included by UNESCO in the list of world heritage sites and is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Norway.

Another beautiful city in the country is Trondheim, the city has its main attraction in the large Gothic cathedral of Nidaros, which is Norway’s most important Gothic building. The city of Tromsø located in the far north of the country is another interesting destination with an old town full of wooden houses and a modern church, the Arctic Cathedral.

Unesco has inscribed several Norwegian sites on the list of World Heritage Sites, including the old port of the city of Bergen, such as Bryggen (1979) and the western Norwegian fjords, including the wonderful Geirangerfjord and Nærøyfjord (2005). But also the wooden church of Urnes (1979). The mining town of Røros (1980). The petroglyphs on Alta’s rock (1985). The archipelago of Vega-Vegaøyan (2004) and some other sites.


Place From To
North Cape 13 May 29 July
Hammerfest 16 May 26 July
Vardø 17 May 25 July
Tromsø 20 May 22 July
Harstad 24 May 18 July
Svolvær 28 May 14 July
Bodø 3 June 8 July

Dates may vary a few days.



This post is also available in: Deutsch

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