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Vienna, Austria. Author and Copyright Liliana Ramerini..
Vienna, Austria. Author Liliana Ramerini..

The climate of Vienna: when to go to Vienna

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The city of Vienna is located in north-eastern Austria in a flat area along the banks of the Danube at a height of around 200 meters, but some points of the city reach 500 meters in height. The climate of Vienna is continental, but milder on average than other parts of Austria. The winter is however long and rigid with frequent snowfalls, with days of particularly intense cold, sometimes the cold is accentuated by a moderate west wind. Vienna’s summer is mild, sometimes hot with frequent rainfall, often in the form of thunderstorms.

The average annual rainfall is around 550 mm. The rains are not too abundant but are well distributed throughout the year. The rainiest months are those of late spring and early summer. Winter is the driest period of the year. The city of Vienna has an annual average of 88 rainy days.

Snow typically falls between November and March. The months of December, January and February are those in which snow is most frequent. In one year 68 cm of snow fall distributed over 39 snowy days.

In the Austrian capital, the average temperatures of January, which is the coldest month, vary between -1 ° C (minimum average temperature) and 3 ° C (maximum average temperature). While the average temperatures in July, which is the hottest month, vary between 26 ° C (maximum average temperature) and 17 ° C (minimum average temperature).


The city of Vienna can be visited at any season of the year, but spring, autumn and early summer are the best times.


VIENNA (200 meters)
Month Average low (°C) Average high (°C) Precip. (mm) Precip. days
January -0,8 3,8 21,3  5,3
February 0,3 6,1 29,3  6,0
March 3,5 11,5 39,1  8,1
April 7,8 16,1 39,2  6,3
May 12,5 21,3 60,9  8,3
June 15,1 24,0 63,3  9,3
July 17,4 26,7 66,6  8,2
August 17,5 26,6 66,5  8,5
September 13,6 21,1 50,4  6,9
October 8,8 15,3 32,8  6,0
November 3,6 8,1 43,9  7,5
December 0,5 4,6 34,6  7,6
YEAR 8,3 15,3 547,9  88



This post is also available in: Čeština Deutsch polski

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