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Ko Samui: Ang Thong Marine National Park

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The Ang Thong Marine National Park (Mu Ko Ang Thong National Park) is located in south-eastern Thailand and is made up of 42 limestone islands. These islands are located just west of the island of Ko Samui. The park covers an area of 102 km².

The main islands that are part of the park are those of Phaluai, Mae Ko, Wua Talap, Sam Sao, Hin Dap, Nai Phut and Phai Luak. The islands are composed of limestone, are covered with forest and rise up to 400 meters high. There are some wetlands, such as the lake of the island of Mae Ko, numerous caves, such as the Bua Bok Cave on the island of Wua Talap, and cliffs where seabirds nest.

The park is famous for its natural beauty, the beautiful beaches of fine white sand, the fauna and the rich vegetation. Among the most popular activities are canoeing, snorkeling and walking.

On the island of Wua Talap, where the park offices and visitor center are located, it is possible to admire the entire archipelago from above, following a path that leads up to a belvedere located on the top of the mountain.

The seabed of the park is quite low, it never exceeds 10 meters in depth. The water around the islands is sometimes cloudy due to the sediments transported by the rivers of the nearby mainland, therefore the development of the coral reef in the islands is not wide, despite this the place is very popular among those who love snorkeling.


The park can be visited from Ko Samui through a daily taxi-boat (tour boat) that connects Ko Samui with the Mu Ko Ang Thong National Park (the distance is 35 km).

During the monsoon, between November and December, the National Park remains closed due to wind and rough seas that make dangerous to navigate to the islands.

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This post is also available in: 简体中文 繁體中文 Deutsch

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