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The climate of Phuket: when to go to Phuket

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The island of Phuket has a humid tropical monsoon climate, with constant temperatures throughout the year, humidity, heat and intense rains, and with two distinct seasons regulated by the monsoon.

Due to the position of the island close to the Equator, temperatures are hot in every season of the year, with average maximum temperatures ranging between 34 ° C in March and 31 ° C in the cooler months between July and December, the average minimum temperatures have paltry variations between 24 ° C and 25 ° C.

The monsoon blowing between May and October characterizes the climate of Phuket. It brings heavy rains. The months between May and October are in fact the period of monsoon rains. On the island of Phuket, on average, more than 2,200 mm of rain fall per year. The rainiest month is September. The island has 170 rainy days per year. The dry season begins in December and ends in March, the months of January and February are the least rainy. The hours of sunshine are 2,527 in a year.

The temperature of the sea on the island of Phuket varies between 28°C in December and January and 30°C for the months between April and June.


The best time to travel to Phuket and other Thai islands in the Andaman Sea are the months between December and March.

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PHUKET (3 meters)
Month Average low (°C) Average high (°C) Precip. (mm) Precip. days
January 24,5 32,7 30,3  4,6
February 24,9 33,6 23,9  3,1
March 25,4 34,0 73,5  6,7
April 25,8 33,9 142,9  11,8
May 25,6 32,8 259,5  18,8
June 25,5 32,4 213,3  18,2
July 25,1 32,0 258,2  19,6
August 25,3 32,0 286,8  19,0
September 24,6 31,5 361,2  22,1
October 24,5 31,5 320,1  22,5
November 24,7 31,7 177,4  15,4
December 24,4 31,7 72,4  9,3
YEAR 25,0 32,5 2219,5  171,1

Month Sea Water Temperature °C
January 27
February 28
March 28
April 29
May 29
June 29
July 28
August 28
September 28
October 28
November 28
December 27



This post is also available in: 简体中文 繁體中文 Deutsch

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