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How to get to Denmark. Flights to Denmark


The main airport of the country is in Copenhagen, from which depart flights to most European and world destinations that fly to and from Denmark. Another busy international airport is located in Billund, about 250 km from Copenhagen, close to Legoland in Jutland. Other international Danish airports are those of Aarhus, Aalborg, Odense and Karup.

The national airline of Denmark is the SAS (Scandinavian Airlines System), the headquarters of the company is in Sweden, but it is the flagship company of the three Scandinavian countries, Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

Domestic transport: there are numerous flights between cities in Denmark carried out by the airlines SAS, Cimber Air and ScanCon Airways.


The Danish railway network is well connected with those of neighboring countries.

Domestic transport: The Danish railway network is well developed, there are more than 2500 km of rail, very useful is the combination of train and bus, which allows you to reach anywhere in the country.


Denmark is connected by an extensive network of maritime services with neighboring countries, there are connections to Norway, Sweden, Germany, Faroe Islands, United Kingdom and Iceland.

Domestic transport: Well developed are also internal transport, with car ferries that connect the island of Sjælland to the Jutland peninsula, the island of Funen to Als (island in the south of Jutland), the island of Sjælland to the island of Bornholm.


International Transport: The international connections to Denmark are operated by Eurolines, Gråhundbus, Abildskous Busser, Swebus, Säfflebussen.

Domestic transport: Even the most remote part of Denmark is connected by bus. You can also combine the trip bus-train, as the ticket can be extended to the train. The bus-train network is very extensive and can reach any part of Denmark.

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