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The climate of Copenhagen: when to go to Copenhagen

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Copenhagen has a kind of oceanic climate, with variable weather in all seasons, however, mitigated by the influence of the Gulf Stream. In the spring months of April and May, the climate is mild, while in June to August is pretty hot. The city has a climate very variable which results in time often unstable and undergoes sudden changes.

The rainfall in Copenhagen are moderate (around 520 mm per year) and well distributed in all months of the year, the autumn months are the windiest, July and August are the wettest, the months from February to May are the driest. In winter the average minimum temperatures drop below zero of a few degrees. The snow falls between December and March but remains on the ground for a few days. Copenhagen has an annual average of 157 rainy days, the month of November with an average of 15,4 rainy days is the month of the year with more days of rain. The hours of sunshine on average are 1,539 per year.

Regarding the temperatures of Copenhagen, statistically the coldest month of the year is February with an average minimum temperature of -1.9 ° C and an average maximum temperature of 2.8 ° C, while the hottest month is July, with a temperature average maximum of 21.2 ° C and an average minimum temperature of 12.9 ° C.


The most suitable months for a visit to Copenhagen are the ones that run from May to October, characterized by mild weather and long days. The Christmas period is another very nice time of the year for a trip to Copenhagen because of the splendid fairy-tale atmosphere that we breathe, especially during the traditional Christmas markets.


COPENHAGEN (24 meters)
Month Average low (°C) Average high (°C) Precip. (mm) Precip. days (snowy days)
January -1,7 2,5 37,3  14,9 (5,9)
February -1,9 2,8 22,7  11,4 (4,4)
March -0,4 5,5 35,0  13,5 (4,1)
April 2,4 10,2 32,5  11,5 (1,3)
May 7,0 15,5 40,5  10,8
June 10,8 19,1 50,0  12,0
July 12,9 21,2 51,4  12,4
August 12,6 21,0 50,1  12,0
September 9,7 16,7 58,9  13,6
October 6,1 11,9 50,2  14,5 (0,2)
November 2,4 6,9 48,0  15,4 (1,7)
December -0,2 4,1 46,0  15,4 (3,9)
YEAR 5,0 11,4 522,6  157,4 (21,4)



This post is also available in: Čeština Deutsch polski

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