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Nyhavn, Copenhagen, Denmark . Autore GuoJunjun. Licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike
Nyhavn, Copenhagen, Denmark . Author GuoJunjun

Denmark tourist attractions: what to see in Denmark

The main destination for tourists in Denmark is a visit to the state capital, Copenhagen, this city is one of the oldest capitals of Europe and its historic architecture, museums and romantic atmosphere, especially under the Christmas, make it the most important and visited tourist destination Denmark.

Denmark is the oldest European kingdom, the ancient royal castles and the castles of the Danish nobility are a sure attraction to visit, including the most famous and popular are the Kronborg Castle in Helsingor, just north of Copenhagen, a UNESCO World Heritage, and Rosenborg Castle which is located in the Danish capital.

In the surroundings of Copenhagen is worth visiting the city of Roskilde with a beautiful cathedral, which is a world heritage site by UNESCO, and the Viking Ship Museum (Vikingeskibsmuseet).

In the Jutland peninsula between the historical towns are worth visiting Aarhus, an historic city full of palaces, churches, museums and monuments, and one of the main ports of Denmark. Near Aarhus are Rosenholm Castle and the small but picturesque village of Ebeltoft. To the south of Aarhus is the site of Jelling Mounds that UNESCO has included in the sites of the World Heritage, here you can see the famous runic stones that testify the introduction of Christianity into Danmarca, the nearby medieval church is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Nørlev strand, Denmark. Author Magnetismus. Licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution

Nørlev strand, Denmark. Author Magnetismus

Aalborg, in the north of the peninsula is another important place to visit with a beautiful old town, a castle and several old buildings. Nearby is the town of Viborg with a beautiful medieval cathedral. In the Jutland is also the most important attraction for children of Denmark, the amusement park of Legoland.

The ancient city of Ribe with its medieval buildings, located in the south of the peninsula of Jutland, and which have historical evidences since the eighth/ninth century, is another destination to not be underestimated. Near the border with Germany another place to visit is the town of Tønder with the typical Danish appearance.

On the island of Funen are to visit the town of Nyborg with a medieval castle and an ancient church. In the southern part of the island are the Egeskov Castle, one of the most beautiful Renaissance castles in Denmark, and Horne Kirke, a medieval church located in a rural area of rolling hills. Near the town of Odense, the birthplace of the writer H. C. Andersen and with a beautiful old town, you can visit the particular open-air museum of Funen (Den Fynske Landsby) characterized by the presence of a farming village consisting of old wooden Danish houses dating from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

The island of Bornholm, situated close to Sweden, but far away from the rest of Denmark is an important tourist and seaside Danish destination, it contains the remains of fortresses, ancient medieval churches, beautiful beaches and cliffs.

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