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Where to go in April? Which are the countries with the best climate in April?

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Generally April is the month of Easter holidays. Thus in some European cities it can be a busy period. But temperatures start to rise all over Europe and it is a great month to visit one of the capitals of the European countries.

April is a good month to visit the temperate climatic areas of the northern hemisphere. In this part of the planet spring has just begun and the climate becomes increasingly mild. The countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea are an excellent destination at this time of the year, even if rainfall may occur. The mild climate allows the visit of the art cities of the countries that overlook the Mediterranean Sea.

In Asia the Japanese spring displays a spectacular blooming of cherry trees that has its best moment in the first two weeks of April.

April is also excellent for visiting the countries of the Persian Gulf and the Middle East such as Jordan, Iran, Oman and Turkey. In these regions the climate is still mild and there are no high temperatures that characterize the summer months. At the end of this month the dry season ends on the Maldives. On the west coast of India the climate is still dry, but temperatures are high.

In Baja California (Mexico) April is the last month for spotting the whales in the Sea of Cortez. Even the Mexican coast along the Pacific Ocean has a good dry climate during this period.

In the southern hemisphere instead it is autumn and this season allows watching the spectacular autumn colours of the trees of the forests. In this month more and more passionate photographers fly to South America to admire the autumn colours in the National Parks of Chilean and Argentine Patagonia. If you are in Chile why not take the opportunity to see one of the most fascinating and isolated places in the world: Easter Island. The name of this island originates in the spotting by a Dutch explorer as the first European on Easter Sunday 1722.

Between the end of March and the beginning of April the forests of New Zealand are transformed into a multitude of colours. The most beautiful places to see the autumn colours are the regions of Central Otago on the South Island and Hawke’s Bay on the North Island, but throughout the country the botanical gardens take on spectacular colours. The Perth region of Western Australia enjoys a mild and dry climate during April.

English text correction by Dietrich Köster. 

This post is also available in: Deutsch

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