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Where to go in June. Author MeanMonthl.yP
Where to go in June. Author MeanMonthl.yP

Where to go in June: Which are the countries with the best climate in June

June is a great month to visit the countries that face along the shores of the Mediterranean Sea both for sea holidays, the sea starts to be warm, and also to visit the historic cities of Spain, Italy, Croatia, Turkey and Greece. In the second half of June in the south of France, in Provence, lavender begins to bloom.

The month of June is the ideal month to visit the Arctic regions. At this time of year beyond the Arctic Circle you can observe the phenomenon of the midnight sun. June is a good month to visit Iceland, Greenland, Norway, Finland and all the countries of Northern Europe. Scotland and Ireland are also good destinations at this time of the year due to long days of light.

In June the driest period begins for the African islands of the Indian Ocean, this month it is good to visit Madagascar, Zanzibar, Mauritius and the Seychelles. June is also the driest month on the east coast of the island of Sri Lanka (Ceylon). The month of June is great for visiting all the countries of Africa south of the Equator: from Angola to Zambia, from Namibia to Botswana to South Africa.

In the Pantanal and in the Amazon in Brazil begins the dry season, which lasts from June to September. In Rio de Janeiro the months between June and September are the least rainy months of the year. In the Andean highlands (Bolivia, Argentina, Chile and Peru) you have beautiful clear days with cool climate by day and cold climate at night.

In June the parks of the American west have an excellent climate: the days are long and sunny, but the temperatures are not too high as happens in the following months. June is therefore a great month to visit California, Arizona, Utah and other states of the western of the United States. The Canadian Rocky Mountains are also ideal for a trip in June. Alaska and Canada are also perfect destinations for June, you will find long days and a mild climate.

This month is also great for visiting the South Pacific islands of Polynesia. The dry season of the Northern Territory in Australia also begins in June.

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