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France tourist attractions: what to see in France

France is a wide state, rich in natural landscapes very different, to be discovered, the nerve center, also from the point of view of tourism is its capital, Paris, rich in museums, typical districts, nightlife, great shopping opportunities and culture.

But France is also a series of historic towns, spas centers, ski resorts, high mountains, rolling landscapes like those of Provence, Champagne and the French Riviera, but also places like the rugged coast of Brittany or the mountainous interior of Corsica.

This diversity of landscape, historical and cultural references, have made France one of the most visited countries in the world.

Beach lovers will find unforgettable the wild coasts of Corsica and the pleasure resorts of the French Riviera, while those who love the wild and rugged sea, the rugged coast of Brittany is the perfect destination.

For those looking for mountain scenery and idyllic nature scenery, there are the Alps and the Pyrenees, but also the Massif Central with its volcanoes, forests and canyons is a destination to consider.

How can we forget the remains of Roman cities scattered throughout the country but particularly present in Provence and in the Rhone Valley. The rolling hills of Champagne and Burgundy, cultivated with vineyards, where are produced excellent wines, and where are majestic Gothic cathedrals, also present in neighboring Picardy. Other wine areas of great tradition are Aquitaine, in particular the area around Bordeaux, and Alsace.

The legendary Castles of the Loire Valley, symbols of power and wealth of the French nobility, are another one of the most visited places by tourists, as well as the coast of Normandy where is the famous abbey of Mont Saint-Michel.

France has 39 properties listed in the UNESCO list of world heritage. Among the 39 UNESCO World Heritage Sites of France: 35 sites are cultural properties, 3 sites are natural properties and 1 site is a mixed cultural/natural property. Among the UNESCO natural properties, 2 properties are not located in metropolitan France, but are found in the French possessions of New Caledonia and Reunion.

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