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Samoa tourist attractions: what to see in Samoa

The Samoa islands have been an independent state since 1962. These islands have managed to proudly preserve their ancient Polynesian culture and their lifestyle based on the village and its inhabitants. Like a living history book, Samoa opens up in front of the visitor. Visiting the Samoa islands is truly a rare and wonderful experience. Their landscape beauties thanks to a luxuriant nature, the warm climate and the people who are genuine and welcoming, these are the most particular tourist attractions of Samoa.

The writer Robert Louis Stevenson spent the last two years of his life here, and is buried at the top of Mount Vaea. Visitors should also see the home of Robert Louis Stevenson, which is now the official residence of the Head of the State of Samoa.

Wherever you go to Samoa, you will always find a place to swim. Most of the coast is protected by a coral reef and the crystal clear lagoons are ideal for the swimmer or for diving enthusiasts interested in snorkeling or diving.

Both on the island of Upolu and in that of Savaii there are places to visit that offer a great variety of scenic attractions and historical and cultural interest. Tourists staying a week or less in Samoa will likely tend to focus on visiting the island of Upolu alone. But even Savaii certainly deserves a thorough visit.


On the island of Upolu there is the capital Apia which is the base often used to explore the Samoa islands. In this small town there are numerous activities to do and many things to see. To visit are the characteristic Parliament building, the tombs of the kings of Samoa and finally the Mulifanua Plantation which is the largest copra plantation in the South Pacific.

Apia still retains much of the colonial architecture and the charm of its early days when its port was a refuge for those who crossed the Pacific and an important center of the copra trade. For tourists visiting Samoa, experiences start from their arrival at Faleolo airport. The 30 km long road from the airport to Apia has been described by James Michener as “the most beautiful road in the South Pacific”.

A panoramic road goes around the island and offers visitors so much beauty and charm to appreciate and remember. The road runs alongside the coast, where there are numerous beaches. This happens especially along the southern coast. The road then climbs inland through cultivated areas and plantations going up towards the mountain. The roads of the island are not always in excellent condition, but it is worth traveling along them to see the Samoans in their natural environment. Local tour operators offer guided tours of the Samoa tourist attractions and points of cultural and historical interest.


On a clear day from Upolu you can see the not too distant island of Savaii. The “big island” of the Samoan archipelago. Savaii despite being the largest island in the Samoa archipelago is much less populated and developed than Upolu.

The island is dotted with secluded beaches and dominated in the center by Mount Matavanu (1,858 meters). A volcano whose eruption in 1905 caused destruction and some migration to the island of Upolu, where the capital Apia is located.

Today the lava formations that were formed by that eruption are one of the most surprising features of the whole island, which presents itself with arid landscapes that from the inside reach the edge of the cliff.

The inhabitants of the island, in some areas, have cut away the lava blocks to use them as bases for their homes. The interior of the island offers some of the roughest scenarios in Samoa: destroyed villages, streams and volcanoes.


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