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The climate of Salzburg: when to go to Salzburg

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Salzburg is located north of the Alpine chain, in the central-northern part of Austria, over 400 meters high along the Salzach River and on the border with Germany. The climate of Salzburg is of a temperate continental type, so it is characterized by cold and harsh winters and by mild and rainy summers, the winds are frequent and sometimes of strong intensity. The rains are greatest in the summer months, between June and August. While the driest period is winter. During a year, around 870 mm of rain fall. Salzburg has an average of 140 rainy days per year.

During the winter most of the rainfall that falls in Salzburg is snowy. The most abundant snowfalls occur between December and February, when averages vary between 15 and 11 days of snow per month. The snow can fall from November to April, during this period an average of more than 112 cm of snow falls annually spread over 53 days of snow.

In January, the average minimum temperatures reach -4 ° C, while the average maximum temperatures exceed 3 ° C. Summers are mild with average maximum temperatures around 24 ° C in July. While the average minimum temperatures in July reach 13 ° C. Starting in late September, the weather gradually becomes colder. In the months between mid-November and mid-March the average minimum temperatures are below zero.


The best time to visit the city of Salzburg are the months from May to September, when the average temperatures are around 20 ° C with average maximum temperatures of 24-25 ° C between June and August.

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SALZBURG (424 meters)
Month Average low (°C) Average high (°C) Precip. (mm) Precip. days (snowy days)
January -4,0 3,2 59,9  10,1 (15,4)
February -2,9 5,6 54,7  9,5 (11,7)
March 0,7 10,4 78,7  11,9 (6,1)
April 3,8 14,3 83,1  11,8 (1,4)
May 8,4 19,9 114,5  12,1
June 11,5 22,2 154,8  15,0
July 13,5 24,4 157,5  14,4
August 13,5 24,2 151,3  13,2
September 10,1 20,1 101,3  10,8
October 5,5 14,8 72,6  9,3 (0,1)
November 0,6 7,8 83,0  10,8 (5,1)
December -2,5 4,0 72,8  11,8 (13,1)
YEAR 4,9 14,2 1184,2  140,7 (52,9)



This post is also available in: Čeština Deutsch polski

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