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Raja Ampat: The best diving place in the world

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This relatively new tourist destination of Indonesia is located on the Doberai Peninsula, also known as the Bird’s Head Peninsula, which is the western end of the large island of New Guinea. Raja Ampat in West Papua is considered to be one of the best places in the world to dive and has the richest underwater biodiversity on Earth.

The archipelago is made up of four larger islands (Misool, Salawati, Batanta and Waigeo) and a myriad of smaller islands. Waigeo Island, one of the four large islands of Raja Ampat, is the entry point for tourists to this wonder of nature. The islands are crossed by the Equator so they have a hot and humid climate. The climate of Raja Ampat.

These islands are a pristine natural kingdom. The jungle often covers them entirely. There are beautiful white sandy beaches that alternate with green mushroom-shaped islets rich in vegetation that make the landscape almost surreal. The islands also offer caves and lagoons, but their main attractions are underwater: These islands, indeed, preserve a coral reef that is considered the heart of the world’s coral reef biodiversity.


The reefs of these islands are home to hundreds of coral species and thousands of coral fish and shellfish species. According to a report by “The Nature Conservancy and Conservation International“, about 75% of the world’s marine species live in these waters. This is the place every diver dreams of. Here are the names of some of the most beautiful diving spots: Mike’s Point, Batu Lima, Blue Magic, Mios Kun and Manta Sandy.

In the waters of Raja Ampat you can admire a unique underwater life of surprising beauty. You may have encounters with huge schools of tuna, barracudas, sea turtles and perhaps even dugongs. Among other things, if you are there at the right time, it will be possible to swim with manta rays. The season to observe them in Raja Ampat runs from late November to May.


If you visit these islands in addition to snorkeling, kayaking and diving you will also have the opportunity to look for and admire the spectacular birds of paradise, which populate the islands. The landscape above the sea surface is equally spectacular. Among the places not to be missed there is undoubtedly Piaynemo in the Fam islands. A group of islands located about 40 km from Wasai, ie just over 2 hours by boat. Here, visitors hike to a viewing platform to enjoy the view of these spectacular islands. This is the most photographed place in Raja Ampat.

Another equally beautiful, but more difficult to reach place is Wayag Island located 150 km northwest of Waigeo Island. Here there is a large lagoon with dozens of islets. The panorama offered by the panoramic terrace overlooking this lagoon from above is almost surreal, it looks like a glimpse of paradise. If you do an image search on Google you will find wonderful images of this destination.


The gateway to the Raja Ampat Islands is the city of Sorong. Here is an airport, Domine Eduard Osok Airport, which has domestic scheduled flights operated by several airlines including Garuda Indonesia, Batik Air and Lion Air. To get to the islands of Raja Ampat it is necessary to reach the Sorong Pier of Pelabuhan Rakyat (public port). To do this, simply take a taxi from the airport to Sorong Ferry Port. Ferries to Raja Ampat Islands (i.e. Wasai Port) depart from Sorong Pelabuhan Rakyat (public port). The time required for the crossing of the arm of the sea of about 60 km varies between 2 and 3 hours.

When is the best time to go to Raja Ampat?

This post is also available in: Deutsch

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