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Maui: an immense volcano and a spectacular coastline

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Maui is an island of volcanic origin which is formed by two shield volcanoes joined together by a isthmus of flat land. This island, after the Big Island (Hawaii), is the second largest island in the archipelago of the Hawaiian Islands (1,883 sq km; 727 square miles).

The island of Maui is located northwest of the Big Island (Hawaii) from which it is separated by the ‘Alenuihāhā Channel. West of Maui are the islands of Molokai and Lanai. While to the south-west are the island of Kaho’olawe and the small island of Molokini. The island is full of natural attractions, volcanoes and waterfalls.

In the eastern part of the island is the youngest volcano on the island, which is also the highest mountain on the island, Haleakala volcano (3,055 meters; 10.023 ft.). While the western part of the island is formed by what remains of the oldest volcano, very eroded by weather and weather, which forms the West Maui Mountains, of which Mount Pu’u Kuku (1,764 meters; 5.788 feet) is the most peak high.

The main residential, commercial, governmental and business center of the island is the city of Kahului, which is located in the isthmus that joins the two sections of the island. It is home to the airport and main port of Maui. The economy of the island is based on agriculture and tourism.


The volcano that formed the West Maui Mountains is much older than Haleakala. It once stood about 2,100 meters above sea level and over 6,000 meters above the ocean floor. Today, the highest peak, Mount Pu’u Kukui, rises 1,764 meters above sea level, it is the second wettest place in Hawaii with an annual average of about 10,200 mm of rainfall.

Most of this mountainous area is inaccessible by land. The only chance to penetrate its secrets is by flying over it. There is a sacred feeling that makes you understand the reverence Hawaiians have for their land.

Some magnificent valleys radiate from the center of the mountain range. The best known attraction of this part of the island is the Iao Valley. The beginning of this valley is marked by the Iao Needle, a 686 meters high volcanic rock pinnacle, one of the most recognizable landmarks on the island.


The island of Maui is served by the Kahului Airport (OGG) located along the northern coast of Maui east of the city of Kahului. Maui airport is connected by frequent flights to Honolulu and the other islands of Hawaii. There are also direct flights to several cities in the United States (Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Dallas, Denver, etc.) and Canada (Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton).

Haleakala volcano.

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