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Czech Republic: Prague, Bohemia and Moravia

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The Czech Republic (Ceska Republika) occupies nearly the center of Europe. It is close between Germany, Poland, Austria and Slovakia. The country split with Slovakia from January 1, 1993, with which it formed Czechoslovakia. The country is a parliamentary republic that is part of the European Union.

The Czech Republic is made up of two main regions. To the west lies Bohemia which is the largest region in the country and where the capital Prague is located. While in the east, towards Slovakia, there is Moravia. Czech Silesia represents a small portion of territory located in the northeastern part of the Czech Republic. Much of historical Silesia is located in Poland today.


From a geographical point of view, the Czech Republic is made up of hilly and flat areas surrounded by mountainous areas of low altitude. Crossed by the Elbe river and its tributaries. The country is closed to the north-east by the Sudeten mountains, to the north-west by the Ore Mountains, while to the south-west are the mountains of the Bohemian Forest. The highest mountain in the Czech Republic is Mount Snezka (1,602 meters) which is located in the Giant Mountains, in the Sudeten Mountains, on the border with Poland.

Main rivers of the Czech Republic are the Morava, the Elbe and its tributaries Moldava and Ohre. The best known Bohemian river is the Vltava which flows through Prague and flows into the Elbe. Much of the rivers that flow into the Moravian territory flow into the Danube, while the rivers of Czech Silesia flow into the Oder.

The climate of Czechia. Tourist attractions of Czechia.

  • Area: 78,866 sqkm
  • Population: 10,211,000 Czechs (94.2%, out of which 3.7% claimed Moravian ethnicity and 0.1% Silesian in the 2001 census). The largest minorities are Slovaks (1.9%), Poles (0.5%), Vietnamese (0.44%) Germans (0.4%), and Gypsy people.
  • State Capital: Prague
  • Language: The only official language in the Czech Republic is Czech, which is spoken by 96 % of the population.
  • Religion: mainly Roman Catholic and Protestant minority.
  • Currency: Czech crown (CZK).
  • Time: The Czech Republic lies in the UTC +1 time zone, usually referred to as Central European Time (CET). (Summer Daylight saving time UTC+2).

This post is also available in: 简体中文 繁體中文 Deutsch Русский Türkçe