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The climate of Vancouver: when to go to Vancouver

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The climate of Vancouver is temperate oceanic, due to the mitigating effects of the sea and the protection of the surrounding mountains, the city has a mild climate compared to other areas of Canada. Vancouver is characterized by a mild but highly variable climate.

Temperatures in Vancouver are never excessive, and in winter the average minimum temperatures reach 0°C in January, while in the warmer months, July and August, arrive at 13°C, the average maximum temperatures vary between 22°C in August and 6°C in January and December.

The rains are frequent and achieve annual average figures of around 1,200 mm, the driest months are spring and summer, between May and September, while the wettest months are between October and March, November and December are those with more rainfall. Vancouver has about 165 rainy days per year, November and December are the months with the most days of rain with more than 19 days per month. July and August are the months with fewer days of rain in these months  there are on average only 7 days per month of rain.

The snow falls every winter, but never in abundance, on average gets about 43 cm of snow per year, mainly between November and March, the snow days are around 9 per year.


The best months for a visit to Vancouver are the driest and hottest from May to September.


VANCOUVER (4 meters)
Month Average low (°C) Average high (°C) Precip. (mm) Precip. days (snowy days)
January 1,4 6,9 168,4 18,4 (2,6)
February 1,6 8,2 104,6 14,7 (1,4)
March 3,4 10,3 113,9 17,5 (0,9)
April 5,6 13,2 88,5 14,8 (0,2)
May 8,8 16,7 65,0  13,2
June 11,7 19,6 53,8  11,5
July 13,7 22,2 35,6  6,3
August 13,8 22,2 36,7  6,8
September 10,8 18,9 50,9  8,3
October 7,0 13,5 120,8  15,4
November 3,5 9,2 188,9  19,9 (0,8)
December 0,8 6,3 161,9  18,4 (2,8)
YEAR 6,8 13,9 1189 165,2 (8,7)



This post is also available in: Deutsch

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