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The climate of the Balearic: when to go to the Balearic

The Balearic islands are located between Spain and Sardinia in the middle of the Western Mediterranean, they enjoy a temperate Mediterranean climate with hot and arid summers and mild winters. Autumn, in particular the months of October and November, is the rainiest period, but the rains are not abundant throughout the year, on average there is less than 500 mm of rainfall per year.

Ibiza is the island with the least rainy days, on average there are only 46 rainy days per year, the wettest month, October, has only 6 rainy days. Menorca is the rainiest, but even this island has only 66 rainy days in a year and in the rainiest months, those of October and November have on average only 8 rainy days per month. The sunniest island in the archipelago is Majorca with 2,763 hours of sunshine per year, followed by Ibiza (2,732 hours of sunshine per year) and Menorca (2,694 hours of sunshine per year).

The Balearic climate has mild temperatures all year round. The average maximum annual temperatures vary between 20 ° C and 22 ° C while the average minimum annual temperatures vary between 14 ° C and 13 ° C. The coldest month is January which has average minimum temperatures around 8 ° C and average maximum temperatures between 14 ° C and 15 ° C. The hottest months of July and August record average maximum temperatures varying between 28 ° C in Menorca and 30 ° C in Ibiza, while the average minimum temperatures vary between 20 ° C and 22 ° C.


The islands can be visited without problems throughout the year, but the best period is undoubtedly the spring, summer and autumn months, that is, those between May and October, keep in mind that the central months of summer, those of July and August are very crowded.

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