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The climate of Zaragoza: when to go to Zaragoza

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The city of Zaragoza has an arid continental Mediterranean climate with cool, dry winters and rather hot and dry summers. Sometimes in winter and early spring a strong cold and dry wind blows from the north-west, similar to the Mistral blowing in the Rhone valley and the Bora blowing in the Balkans. This wind causes sudden drops in temperatures and clear skies.

The average annual temperature in Zaragoza is 15.5 ° C. The coldest month of the year is January with average minimum temperatures of 2.7 ° C and average maximum temperatures of 10.5 ° C. The hottest month is July when average maximum temperatures of 32.4 ° C are reached in the city, the minimum average temperatures reach the highest value in August with 18.3 ° C.

Precipitation is scarce throughout the year and is concentrated in spring and autumn. The rainiest months are May and April, but the rains are not a big problem for those visiting Zaragoza, in fact the total rainfall is only 300 mm per year. Zaragoza has an average of only 50 rainy days per year.

Snow falls very rarely, on average there is only one day of snow per year. The frost days are 25 per year concentrated exclusively in the months between November and March. The fog is mainly present in the months between November and March, in total the city has 28 days of fog per year. The sunny hours are 2,614 per year.


The mid seasons, namely spring and autumn, are the best seasons for a visit to Zaragoza. Even in summer the weather is good but sometimes it is very hot.


ZARAGOZA (243 meters)
MonthAverage low (°C)Average high (°C)Precip. (mm)Precip. days
January2,710,521,0 4,0
February3,313,121,5 3,9
March5,817,319,1 3,7
April7,919,639,3 5,7
May11,824,143,7 6,4
June15,829,326,4 4,0
July18,332,417,3 2,6
August18,331,716,6 2,3
September15,227,129,5 3,2
October11,021,436,4 5,4
November6,314,829,8 4,1
December3,210,821,4 4,8
YEAR10,021,0322,0 51,1

This post is also available in: Deutsch


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