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Granada, Andalusia, Spain. Author and Copyright Liliana Ramerini ..
Granada, Andalusia, Spain. Author and Copyright Liliana Ramerini ..

The climate of Granada: when to go to Granada

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The city of Granada is located at a latitude of over 700 meters nestled between the mountain ranges of the Sierra Nevada. Due to its location, the climate of Granada is a mixed Mediterranean and continental climate with Atlantic influences. This type of climate results in hot and very dry summers, in mild springs and autumns and with little rain, and in cold winters and with never too abundant rains.

Winters are usually cool with abundant frosts and summers are very hot, with significant variations in daily temperatures. The average maximum temperatures in the summer months reach values of 34.2 ° C in July, while the average minimum temperatures mark 17.7 ° C again in July. In winter, due to the location and altitude of the city, temperatures drop significantly compared to the nearby coast. Granada in January has average minimum temperatures of 1.2 ° C and average maximum temperatures of 12.6 ° C. Granada has 2,751 hours of sunshine per year. Frost days are 31 per year.

The rains are rather scarce and are concentrated between October and February, the months with the most rainfall are those of November and December. The annual average rainfall is 350 mm. The rainy days are on average 52 per year. The month with the most rainy days is December with only 7 rainy days. The summer period presents a considerable drought, in the total of 122 days between the months of June and September there are on average only 5 rainy days. The snow that falls in the surrounding mountains throughout the winter is a rather rare event in the city, normally there are 2 days of snow per year.


The best times to go to Granada are spring and autumn, i.e. the months between March and mid-June and those between September and November.


GRANADA (738 meters)
MonthAverage low (°C)Average high (°C)Precip. (mm)Precip. days
January1,212,641 5,8
February2,414,633 5,6
March4,818,035 5,1
April6,819,537 6,3
May10,224,030 4,7
June14,730,211 1,7
July17,734,22 0,3
August17,633,53 0,6
September14,428,723 2,7
October10,122,638 5,1
November5,316,550 6,7
December2,713,150 7,2
YEAR9,022,3353 51,8



This post is also available in: Deutsch

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