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Medjugorje: among the most frequented places of Christian pilgrimage in Europe

Medjugorje is a small village in Bosnia-Herzegovina, the former Yugoslavia, a few tens of kilometers from Mostar. Medjugorje became famous, because of six young children (Ivan, Ivanka, Jakov, Mirjana, Marija, and Vicka) who say they have had and still have visions of the Virgin Mary.

The Blessed Virgin appeared to them, and then told the visionaries God sent her into our world to help us convert our hearts and to return to live the word of the Lord. According to the testimony of the visionaries, Our Lady, on the occasion of his appearances gives them messages to be transmitted to people.

Those who visit Medjugorje takes usually a rise along a buttress of Monte Crnica, the Podubro, which is now called Apparition Hill, because, on June 24, 1981, this is where happened the first apparition of Medjugorje. Another pilgrimage is the Križevac Mountain on top of which is a large white cross.

Medjugorje has become in recent years one of the main centers of pilgrimage in Christian Europe, this small village in Bosnia and Herzegovina attracts pilgrims from around the world whose number is comparable with historical centers of pilgrimage like Lourdes in France and Fatima in Portugal.

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