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Maldives tourist attractions: what to see in the Maldives

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Islands dispersed in the Indian ocean formed by a double cord of over a thousand coral islands. The Maldives are a suitable place for those who love the sea in all its forms. This archipelago of the Indian Ocean is considered a diver’s paradise. In fact, the main tourist attractions in the Maldives are the sea and the underwater life it holds.

The entry point for the Maldives is the airport of Malé, the capital of the archipelago, which is served by the Ibrahim Nasir International Airport. Generally tourists are directly picked up at the airport and transported by sea or with small seaplanes to the island chosen for their holidays.

Usually the hotels in the Maldives are luxury structures, suitable for an exclusive clientele, often made up of honeymooners. Many tourist facilities, which usually entirely occupy a sandy islet, are dedicated to an exclusively adult clientele. But in recent years there have also been structures dedicated to those who travel with children.

If you have time and desire, you can still pay a visit to the capital of the archipelago, Malé, a chaotic city full of buildings and traffic. Among the things to visit in Malé are the harbor, the fish market and the fruit and vegetable market.


Another very nice means of transport to use for visiting the archipelago are catamaran or speedboat cruises. With these cruises you can also visit the most remote parts of the Maldives and taste every aspect of the islands. It will be possible to visit a fishing island. Observe the activities of the inhabitants such as prayer, fishing, building and repairing boats. Landing in a strip of deserted white sand surrounded by the spectacular colors of the ocean water will allow you to admire and understand why the Maldives are famous in the world for their underwater beauty.

Scuba diving is among the most sought after tourist attractions in the Maldives. You can immerse yourself in the most beautiful places of these atolls away from the tourist islands. Among the opportunities that divers will have during their dives there will be visits to underwater wrecks, the observation of reef fish, turtles, sharks, tuna, Napoleon fish, tridacne, anemones and sea eagles.

Usually the most beautiful areas for diving are the “pass”: channels that connect the ocean waters with the atoll waters and where there are large concentrations of large fish.

Even those who are not divers can admire the beauty of the Maldives sea by snorkeling. Coral reefs in shallow waters are full of life: butterfly fish, surgeon fish, angel fish, cuttlefish, corals and many other colorful reef fish.

This post is also available in: Deutsch