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Kuala Lumpur: the city of gardens and Petronas Towers

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Kuala Lumpur rises at the confluence of two rivers, the Klang River and the Gombak River. The city is located about 40 km from the coast, in a flat area at the intersection of the most important communication routes in the country. This city has developed enormously in recent decades and is today a modern city and an important commercial and financial center of the Far East. Kuala Lumpur is a multi-ethnic city. Its population is almost equally divided between Malaysian (45.9%) and Chinese (43.2%) inhabitants, but there is also a strong minority of Indian origin (10.3%).

The city is quite recent – it was founded in the mid-nineteenth century – and does not have the history of other Asian capitals. In the past the most important center of the Malay Peninsula was the historic city of Malacca located south of Kuala Lumpur along the Strait of Malacca. Due to its recent development, the architecture of the capital of Malaysia is made up of a mixture of modern architecture, old colonial buildings, traditional Asian and Islamic-inspired buildings.


The city skyline is characterized by the presence of the twin skyscrapers of Petronas Towers. These towers are one of the tallest buildings in the world. They soar over the city with their 451.9 meters high. In the city center they are worth visiting, the twin skyscrapers of Petronas Towers with the huge park that surrounds them (KLCC Park), the Palace of Sultan Abdul Samad, the Independence Square, the National Mosque and the National Museum (National Museum).

The capital of Malaysia is a modern and vibrant city which, however, is also full of green areas created and embellished with landscape architecture. The evergreen parks and gardens have given it the name of “City of Gardens”. In these places there is an incredible peace and serenity. Among the most beautiful green areas are the wonderful Lake Gardens – built on 90 hectares of undulating land -, the orchid gardens, the hibiscus garden and the Bird Park.


The capital of Malaysia is served by the modern Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KUL) which is one of the main Asian airports. Virtually all major cities in Asia have direct connections to Kuala Lumpur airport. In addition there are direct flights or flights with a stopover to the main cities in the rest of the world. The airport is located about 50 km from the city center with which it is connected by fast trains. The time taken to reach the city center from the airport is around 30 minutes.

The climate of Kuala Lumpur.



This post is also available in: Deutsch

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