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La Digue: the most traditional island of all Seychelles

La Digue (10 sq km) is the fourth largest island in the Seychelles archipelago. About 2,000 inhabitants live on this island. The island owes its name to the sailing ship of the French commander Marion Dufresne who landed on the island in 1768. The island of La Digue is located just 6 km south-west of Praslin. From the port of Praslin, which is located in the Baie Sainte-Anne, boats leave and take you to La Digue in 30 minutes.


The island is known for the beauty of its beaches, which are decorated with huge granite rocks and coral reefs, and are ideal for long walks, swimming, and snorkeling. The means of transport used on the island is the cart pulled by oxen. La Digue is considered the most unspoiled and traditional island of the Seychelles archipelago. The inhabitants live from tourism, from the cultivation of vanilla and saffron, from the processing of copra and fishing.

La Digue is famous for the beauty of its landscape, which offers unique rock formations, which descend to the sea. The most beautiful beaches are Anse Union, Anse Source d’Argent and Anse Severe. Petit Anse and Grand Anse in the southeast of the island are corners of wild beauty, but due to the currents they are dangerous for swimming.

Anse Union in La Digue is the photographers dream. Huge granite blocks are scattered here along the coast. The beauty of this area of the island is indescribable. Anse Union is the most famous beach on the island thanks to its beautiful landscape, made of unique rock formations, which descend to the sea. To move around the island it is better to rent a bicycle and take the few roads that cross it. There are basically two unique roads on the island. The first road is the one that runs along the coast between Anse Union and Anse Fourmis. While the second road crosses the island reaching Grande Anse on the wild south-east coast.

The climate of the Seychelles.

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