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The climate of Kuala Lumpur: when to go to Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur is located a short distance from the sea in the southwestern part of the peninsula of Malaysia at 3 degrees north of the equator. Due to its location near the Equator, the Kuala Lumpur climate is hot and humid tropical with abundant rainfall throughout the year.

Temperatures remain constant throughout the year. The average annual temperatures are in the order of 28.2 ° C. The hottest months are in fact those between March and May when average maximum temperatures above 33 ° C and average minimum temperatures above 24 ° C are reached. Even in the coolest month, December, the average maximum temperatures are 31.5 ° C and the average minimum temperatures reach 23.6 ° C. So the annual temperature variations are negligible.


The seasons differ according to the rains marked by the blow of monsoons. Rainfall is more abundant between September and May. The driest months are in fact those between June and August. In practice there are two periods of heavy rain which correspond to the months between October and December and the months of March and April. The rainiest month is November with an average of 321 mm of rain. The rainy days are many, on average 223 days in a year. Rainy days vary between 14 days a month in June and 24 rainy days in November.

The rains generally occur in the late afternoon in the form of intense tropical downpours, they momentarily bring some refreshment to the oppressive heat that often characterizes Kuala Lumpur. The humidity is generally higher than 80% at any time of the year. The hours of sunshine are 2,222 per year. The months from March to July are the ones with the most hours of sunshine (between 207 and 194 hours of sunshine per month), the month of November is the one that has the least hours (only 152 hours of Sun).


The best time to travel to Kuala Lumpur are the relatively dry months between June and August. But the visit of the city can be done at any time of the year.


KUALA LUMPUR (66 meters)
MonthAverage low (°C)Average high (°C)Precip. (mm)Precip. days
January23,432,0193 17
February23,632,8198 17
March24,033,1257 19
April24,333,1290 20
May24,633,0197 18
June24,332,8131 14
July23,832,8148 16
August23,932,3162 16
September23,832,1214 19
October24,032,0265 21
November23,831,7321 24
December23,631,5252 22
YEAR23,932,42628 223

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