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Saint Emilion, Aquitaine, France. Author Schrodingers Mongoose. Licence Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike
Saint Emilion, Aquitaine, France. Author Schrodingers Mongoose

France travel insurance, health insurance, documents, plugs, sockets, mobile phones


Travel Documents: EU-nationals to enter France just need to be in possession of an identity card or passport. Minors may enter France if they have their own passport / identity card. If you are a citizen of others countris outside EU, a passport is obligatory, with a visa for certain countries.

Driving License: To drive in France you must have your National driving license.

Car Insurance: To drive your own car in France you must have a valid European insurance.


Health Care: The French health care is excellent. European citizens, to receive the same services as the French citizens, must have the European Health Insurance Card. A travel and health care insurance is always advisable.

Vaccinations: No vaccinations are required.


Telephones: The international dialling code for France is 0033.

The network of public phones in France (operated by France Telecom) is very widespread, almost all public telephones accept only prepaid cards (no accepts coins). The card is on sale at tobacconists, newspeaper kiosk, change offices, post offices. In many phones you can use a credit card. In most public telephones, you can call it behind each is the corresponding phone number.

Many bars, restaurants and hotels offer access to the phone. There is a charge to the regular rate and the calls are more expensive but works with coins. There are also many small call center where calls and pay later. These call centers offer good prices, especially for international calls.

Mobile Telephones:  France uses the GSM system. Once in the French territory, the operator will connect automatically to the French with whom it has commercial agreements.

Mobile telephone operators: In France, there are 4 main mobile operators Orange, SFR, Bouygues Telecom, Free Mobile.

Internet: Internet cafes are located in all French cities.


Electricity: In France the usual mains voltage in homes and hotels is 230 volts 50 Hz.

Electrical plugs and sockets: The electrical plugs and sockets used in France are those of type C and E. The type C sockets are like those used in continental Europe. Type E socket is the same as used in Belgium, similar but slightly different to type F socket used in most of Europe.


Currency: The national currency of France is Euro (EUR).

Banking Hours: Banks are open Monday through Friday from 8.30-9.00 to 16.00-17.30.

Credit cards are accepted everywhere and massive is the presence of “distributeurs automatique” (ATM) used with any card enabled to international traffic.

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